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I’m just a girl with a camera hanging out in the Southern England, exploring the world around me through a lens. I’ve been taking pictures of toys for over five years and this site features (predominately) photos of LEGO, but also any other toys that come my way.

Check out my portfolio for my latest work.

You’ll also find me over on Toy Photographers as a weekly blogger!

6 thoughts on “About me

  1. I love love love your work! Your photography is fantastic!! I’m Lego-obsessed and am currently working on a cigar project with Legos. It will be http://www.cigaroptions.com. As soon as I finish it. Someday soon. ::crosses fingers ::
    We should be Lego BFFs!!

  2. Amazing site and amazing pics! And thanks for the help on pickin out minifigures, its becomin a sport for me now! 😀

  3. Hi, today is international women day. What better then share a brickfilm where they are the hero?
    I share it here with you, if you would share it on your site I would be very happy.
    Thanks a lot

    (sorry I didn’t find any other way to contact you)

  4. Hi there, just came across your images in Flickr and thus discovered your blog. Your work is very inspirational!

    1. Hi, Thanks for this lovely comment! I’ve only just discovered it was here! Sorry for the VERY long delay in responding!

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