Behind the scenes with Stuck in Plastic

Back in September, I went on the Edinburgh toy safari with the Stuck in Plastic gang. I actually ended up taking relatively few toy photos, but I did get quite a lot of behind the scenes shots! The reason for this is that we were shooting photos for a small exhibition at BrickLive in Birmingham. Now that’s all over, I can finally share some of the photos here!

@chrisrosephoto in action
@iancockayne indulging in some non-toy photography
@herrsm taking part in the one toy to share project
@reiterlied capturing Woody and friends
@shtacyp practicing her toy photography yoga positions
@fubiken taking a break
@_me2_ enjoying the Scottish weather
@pulup getting some graveyard snapshots

This is but a small selection of the behind the scenes shots I took. You can check out the full album over on my Flickr album.

I’m actually still working through the toy photos that I have left on my hard drive, so expect some more Scottish photos to head this way in the next couple of weeks!


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