Series 17 minifigures

It’s time to get searching for your new minifigure friends! The Series 17 minifigures are out in the wild and you will want to find this bunch as soon as possible!

I took my gang out over the weekend to photograph, and I’m mostly pleased with the results. Sadly I was a little careless and managed to lose a French beret and a bunny rabbit in the depths of the garden! Eek! I’m hoping that they will appear randomly one day!

Take a look at the end of the post for some hints and a link to a full on ‘feel guide’ by Brothers Brick. I’m sadly lacking in the time to write my own full one this time around!

Pro Surfer

Series 17 (14 of 16).jpg

Everybody loves surfing! Right? Well, if you are a pro surfer you do. And you have the coolest gear in town to prove it. (I can’t help but think the shark looks more shocked than scary!)

Circus Strongman

Series 17 (13 of 16).jpg

Roll up, roll up, the circus is in town! Could you imagine getting a full classic circus set to go with the strongman? Wouldn’t it be amazing! As it is, this moustache wielding, weightlifting fella will draw in the crowds all by himself!

Gourmet Chef

Series 17 (3 of 16)

Let’s break some eggs. Gourmet chef may know her way around the kitchen, but that doesn’t mean she won’t make a mess in the process. Be prepared to eat some tasty baking, and then clean the kitchen from top to bottom!

Corn Cob Guy

Series 17 (2 of 16)

Where corn is growing, there will be a corn cob guy to watch over it. He’ll protect your crops from the nasty bugs so come summertime you can BBQ all the corn you want!


Series 17 (15 of 16).jpg

She used to be a regular vet, but one day she volunteered at the monkey sanctuary. Now, she can’t get enough of the monkeys and wants to hang out with them all day! It’s just a little tricky to get them to sit still long enough for a check up!

Hot Dog Vendor

Series 17 (10 of 16)

Hot dogs, hot dogs, get your hot dogs here! This chap loves to sell hot dogs and drinks! And just see how tasty that hot dog looks! Mmm, two over here please! And some fries with that!

Butterfly Girl

Series 17 (1 of 1)

This pretty little butterfly girl loves to play with the flowers. Spring is her favourite time of year and you will always find her outside, even if it is raining.

Roman Gladiator

Series 17 (8 of 16)

The crowds will go wild for this roman gladiator. If only he can survive the arena that is. But his aim is always true, and he knows how to fight, so his chances are good!


Series 17 (7 of 16)

This Parisian loves his baguettes and goes and gets a fresh one every morning. His puppy still needs a little training though – he keeps jumping up for hugs when the connoisseur is trying to get through the door!

Battle Dwarf

Series 17 (5 of 16)

If it’s fighting you need doing, then call on battle dwarf. He will climb the highest cave wall to come and help, bringing his axe and hammer to fight with.

Retro Space Hero

Series 17 (11 of 16)

When you have a yellow cape and a ray gun, you know you are the best retro space hero in town. Clambering across the battle field to save the damsel in distress, he will always be there to save the day.


Series 17 (16 of 16)

‘Hello, hello? Yes, the 80s are calling and we want the yuppies back.’ This 80s dude is at the height of coolness, with that chunky mobile and the white suit. I wonder if he has snake on that phone?

Rocket Boy

Series 17 (12 of 16)

Rocket boy loves rockets and space. So he built a rocket costume and a flag to plant on the moon. Now he just needs to work out how to get there!

Dance Instructor

Series 17 (1 of 16)

“Dance magic dance…” It’s time to get moving, grooving and work up a sweat. Join the dance instructor for a great workout to some timeless 80s classics in the ballet studio!

Elf Maiden

Series 17 (6 of 16)

When you are an elf, it’s not only the men who take up arms and fight. They have some kick-ass women warriors too. Check out the sword skills of this elf maiden and be sure to flee before she notices you watching!

Mystery character (AKA the Highwayman)

Series 17 (1 of 1)-2.jpg

I’m not sure why the big mystery surrounding the highwayman, but he is a pretty good figure. Just make sure you don’t get on the wrong side of him as he doesn’t take kindly to trouble. He likes causing it, but not dealing with it.

Tips for successful searching

  • Hold the corner of a bag and shake until any little pieces fall to one side. This makes it easier to feel them out away from the leaflet and stand.
  • Use the Brothers Brick guide to work out key things to feel for in the packet. Think about what something might feel like.
  • Don’t be embarrassed! Talk to the shop assistant if they are right there watching you. They are usually bored so any distraction will entertain them!
  • Make a pile of the packets you want separately to the ones you are looking for. Get a basket so others don’t pick up your carefully selected pile.
  • Find a copy of the leaflet to use as a checklist for what you need or buy one packet first to get a copy. Take it and a pen.
  • Start at one side of a box and work through it methodically rather than randomly. Keep track of what packets you have already looked through so you don’t feel the same packet multiple times.

Who are you looking for this time around? Which figures do you really want to take out to photograph?

One thought on “Series 17 minifigures

  1. Love the tips on bag feeling. As another tip I look at the front bag in the row first and then turn it upside down. Then take from the back of the row and once felt pop it in the front. That way once you get to the upside down pack you know you’ve gone through the row.

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