The garden as a studio

A while ago, Shelly wrote a post about creating a studio for photography outdoors and I’ve been thinking about the concept. I don’t really have a studio such as she discussed; there’s not something I have set up to simulate the environment I  want to photograph. However, there are a couple of places within my garden that I regularly use to take toy photos so I thought a little ‘behind the scenes’ would be cool, to see where I have taken most of my recent photos!


This is the rear part of our garden. It’s primarily used for growing things, although you can also access a local pokèstop at the end of it, so I tend to wander round it a lot in the summer. It has lots of great places for shooting toys, but in particular, I gravitate to the tree. In particular, the main branch of the apple tree.


I tend to use this several times a week, especially for my recent objects series. It’s perfect. It’s got just enough flat space to stand a few figures or accessories on, it’s got interesting textures, and really importantly, it’s at eye height. This means I don’t have to crouch down and strain my legs too much (I have ongoing issues).

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 20.22.59.png

There’s also the fact that depending on what time I make it to the garden and the time of year, the sun comes low just behind it, making for some pretty sun flares!


The other place in the garden I consider a kind of ‘studio’ is fairly new to me; a broken, moss covered, paving slab. It creates a beautiful green grassy environment that really sparks a sense of nature in toy photos.

It starts out like this:


and then becomes this:


and finally, with the addition of some small toys, we can create a pretty green world:


My biggest problem with this is the location on the ground! It’s a really muddy part of the garden so sitting isn’t really an option! I am tempted to try and move the slab somewhere else, perhaps a table. but I don’t know if that would kill all the growth around it! Hopefully it will dry out a little in the summer and be easier to work with!

I really love the garden, and it will be the main thing I miss when we eventually move to our own place. I’m not sure I can live without a garden again! I might have to just steal the stone or make a moss habitat myself if that happens!

Do you have any places near you where you always take photos? Have you got some good spots in your garden? Let me know in the comments!

(PS, don’t forget the London toy meet up is in 2 weeks!!! Register on Eventbrite!)

2 thoughts on “The garden as a studio

  1. Very nice! They say the best place to shoot is often in our own home. We take for granted what we see everyday … but its so beautiful! your garden is lovely!! Looking forward to your future posts…

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