The joy of fairy Batman

Yikes! The last couple of weeks have been tough! Thankfully, I’ve had a range of Batman’s to play with the keep me sane! In particular though, Fairy Batman has really bought a little joy to the world!

32530444931_20b6790695_z (1).jpg
A tough week, with little sleep, means Fairy Batman must have his caffeine fix!

He’s all across Instagram, and toy photographers really seem to have taken to him, myself included! There’s obviously something about him!


For me, it’s something about the all encompassing pink of him. It’s Batman, sure, but a dainty, awesome, black and pink rocking Batman. It’s a mixture of something usually very masculine, in a more feminine form. It’s a clash of what you would expect from a Batman figure.

Photographing him is both tricky and easy. His mask has a tendency (for me) to wash out. Annoying. But his translucent wings pick up the light. Beautiful. He pops out of the photos he is in, especially when against the green and brown background of the garden. For me, that makes photographing him a fun endeavour. Something bright.

I particularly like this photo I took of him in the rain, with the droplets just resting on those wings. This is one of those intentionally unintended photos. I wanted a faded fairy, in the washed out landscape of a soggy English day, but maybe his wings are a little too in-focus. Or maybe, that’s for the best because of those droplets, because it draws the eye.

32119839442_2117ca254f_z (1).jpg
Dancing in the rain!

Likewise with this shot of him I took at sunrise in London. The light just does something to those wings. I do love a good sunrise. (If you want to see some London sunrises (hopefully!) join us March 25/26.)

Sunrise wishes are granted by Fairy Batman

It turns out that I love fairy Batman so much, I went and bought him a friend. Now they can dance together in the rain!

Dance of the sugar plum Batmans

Have you fallen in love with one of the Batman’s? Let me know in the comments if you have!

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