The LEGO Batman movie minifigure guide

I’m the first to admit that I’m not really up on my Batman lore, but that doesn’t mean that I wasn’t looking forward to this series coming out! A whole 20 figures are included in this set, and there are some great ones!

As always, you will need to be patient and feel out these figures one at a time. This set is a little tricky owing to multiple batman hats, but you will get there! I’ve listed below the key items you are going to want to feel out for, as well as some general tips for searching at the end of the post. There are also links to each of these figures on the LEGO website, so you can look a little more closely into the characters we get in this set.

I hope you enjoy these figures as much as I have, and find all the ones you want!

Lobster-Lovin’ Batman™


Who needs company? Not Batman™, that’s for sure! A big empty mansion, a comfy robe, and a microwaved lobster dinner-for-one make the perfect meal for a Dark Knight dining on his own.


Who doesn’t love hanging out in a robe? Batman loves it! You can find this Batman by feeling out for the lobster or the plate he comes with. You can feel for the Batman helmet to confirm it’s what you want!

The Eraser™


For a modest fee, other criminals can hire him to erase the evidence they leave behind, so that not even a Dark Knight Detective can trace their tracks!


The Eraser is pretty simple to find – just look for a bag without a minifigure head. Instead, look for the round brick that’s longer and thinner than a regular head. This bag will also have the flat, round, 1×1 pink tile in. Shake the bag a bit to get this to the side of the packet to check for it. In addition, The Eraser comes with a 2×2 flat tile.

Zodiac Master™


[T]he mystical Zodiac Master™ had a reputation for being able to foresee disastrous events before they happened. Crooks paid him to predict whether their next caper would succeed or fail…


Find this Master by searching out for his fish and the crab! Just make sure you don’t mistake the Lobster for the crab! This figure does NOT come with a hair/helmet piece, so you are just feeling for the two accessories, and the head/torso/legs.

King Tut™


King Tut™ was a simple Egyptologist until an accident left him convinced that he was the genuine ruler of ancient Egypt.


If you want to rule ancient Egypt, you have to look the part! That means you need to find the snake headed staff, the snake, and also feel out for that headpiece. It’s pretty distinctive!

Pink Power Batgirl™


How is Batgirl™ supposed to swing stealthily through the shadows and bust bad guys in this outrageous outfit?


Pink gives you power! At least if you are Batgirl. Look out for Batgirl’s skirt piece, as well as the Boomerang piece. Shake the bag to get the boomerang (batermerang?) to fall to the side to double check this is the bag you want!

Dick Grayson™


What could be more exciting for an average kid than getting adopted by a super-cool, super-rich Super Hero like Batman™?


Look at that cute jumper! Sadly, that won’t help you find Dick, but you could always feel out for the tap piece, the hair with glasses attached, or the 1×1 round brick piece.



Dr. Grace Balin was a marine biologist who worked at Gotham City Aquarium until she experimented on herself with killer whale genes. The experiment transformed her body, giving her incredible strength and swimming ability as the super-villainous Orca™.



Watch out for those teeth as you look for this figure! You will find this figure by feeling for the torso with the fins rather than arms or the shark head (tail built in). It’s a re-colour (I think) of shark suit guy, so if you found him, you know what to look for!

Fairy Batman™


He’s here to grant your wish…for dance! To become the world’s greatest Super Hero, Batman™ had to train to master every skill. EVERY skill.


Even Batman has days where he wants to be twinkle toes and dancing! This fairy Batman can be found by shaking the packet to find the wand, or feeling out for that tutu (flatter than Batgirl’s skirt piece. There’s also the wings to feel for, as well as the Batman helmet! (Umbrella not included!)

Glam Metal Batman™


Oh, didn’t you know that Batman™ has a music career? Well, he does, and it’s going great.


Rock out with Batman, with this super glam outfit! You are going to want to feel for the guitar, as well as the spiky shoulder pads! Be careful not to smoosh his cape too much though! He wants to look perfect for his adoring fans!

Clan of the Cave Batman™


A good Dark Knight Detective is prepared for any eventuality. Maybe he’ll have to travel back in time to the Paleolithic era. Maybe he’ll need to go undercover as part of a museum exhibit.


Somedays Batman is just a grumpy cave dweller. That or he really wants to test out leopard print! The best thing here is to feel out for his club. Just watch out for the small spikes he included!

Vacation Batman™


With crime all under control in Gotham City, what’s an out-of-work Dark Knight to do? Finally take a vacation, that’s what!


Batman needs a holiday, and even if it’s raining, he’s prepared! Look out for the Bat helmet with goggles on the front, the flippers (shake that bag!), but most importantly, the rubber duck ring! It’s not quite a ring though, and has leg holes (like the skirt piece).

The Joker™ – Arkham Asylum


Busted! Apparently orange is the new purple, because The Joker™ has been captured and locked up in high-security Arkham Asylum.


The Joker escaped and is hanging out feeling mopey. But that’s okay, because you’re here to find him! This two faced high-risk joker can be found by feeling out for the handcuffs, and the large green hair piece. Be careful not to rely only on the handcuffs though, as Barbara Gordon also has some. Check that you haven’t got her flat cap on the hair piece first!

The Calculator™


Noah Kuttler, a.k.a. The Calculator™, is a brilliant mathematical genius who has devised an unusual method for success as a super-villain.


If you need a little retro computing in your life, look out for the calculator! You will want to feel for the helmet and visor pieces, as well as that little 1×1 flat tile you see on his chest. The armour piece is also pretty bulky and easy to find! (Gameboy not included).

Red Hood™


With his face hidden beneath a featureless dome-shaped helmet, the Red Hood™ is one mysterious super-villain.


Red Hood is a mysterious chap, but that doesn’t stop him from wanting to go visit the Queen, and maybe become a guard for a day or two. You want to look out for the red hood piece, the caped shoulder piece, as well as the two guns.

Commissioner Gordon™


One of Batman’s staunchest allies, the hard-working Commissioner Gordon™ has spent his entire long career cleaning up the streets of Gotham City. … Now that he’s retiring, what changes lie in store for his beloved city?


Commissioner Gordon is carrying out a couple of final jobs. One of which is to find The Joker after he made a bit of a mess at Al’s Barbers. You’ll want to find Gordon by feeling for that 2×2 tile and the walkie talkie (and once you’ve found him, maybe we can chat about his awesome printing!!)

Barbara Gordon™


Meet the new Commissioner of Police! As the newly appointed chief of Gotham City’s Finest, Barbara Gordon™ is ready to show the city just what she can do, with or without the help of the Dark Knight.


Working with Batman runs in the family, so Commissioner Gordon Snr is passing on the Bat Signal to Barbara! You can find this new Chief by searching for her handcuffs, the hair attached to the flat hat piece, and the 1×1 square stud, or the 1×1 round tile! It’s bag shaking time!

March Harriet™


Harriet Pratt might have spent her whole life as a small-time grifter and swindler if she hadn’t been recruited to join the Mad Hatter’s Wonderland Gang. Now she gets to dress up like a rabbit and commit crimes with a way higher profile.


High profile crime is the name of the game, and where better to start than The Highlander pool room? You can find March Harriet by feeling out for those bunny ears. Alternatively, there’s also a giant gun to watch out for!

The Mime™


The Mime™ was originally Camilla Ortin, the wealthy and spoiled daughter of a celebrated fireworks maker. Hating the loud noises of her childhood, she devoted herself to silence – and super-villainy.


Being a mime is tough work. But early morning sun yoga helps with the stress. You can find the mime, quietly mind, by feeling for the soft mohawk hair piece, or the flat lighting bolt-esque pieces.



Thomas Blake was a world-famous big-cat trapper who grew bored of hunting and decided to become a super-villain. Inspired by Batman™, he made himself a cat-themed costume, complete with a utility belt containing cat-lines, cat-arangs and other gadgets.


Time to get your claws out and search for Catman! This bad guy can be found by searching, carefully, for his claws. Also feel out for a utility belt piece, and the batman style helmet that DOES NOT have a chin strap!

Nurse Harley Quinn™


Something strange is going on in Arkham Asylum! Psychiatrist Dr. Harleen Quinzel has disappeared, and a new nurse has taken her place.


Nurse Harley will see you now… if you still want to see her that is. You can find Harley Quinn by feeling out for the hard plastic pigtailed hair, the 2×2 tile that she comes with, or by shaking the bag to feel out for that tiny little heart hat piece that sits in her hair!


  • Hold the corner of a bag and shake until any little pieces fall to one side. This makes it easier to feel them out away from the leaflet and stand.
  • Use the guide above to work out key things to feel for in the packet. Think about what something might feel like.
  • Don’t be embarrassed! Talk to the shop assistant if they are right there watching you. They are usually bored so any distraction will entertain them!
  • Make a pile of the packets you want separately to the ones you are looking for. Get a basket so others don’t pick up your carefully selected pile.
  • Find a copy of the leaflet to use as a checklist for what you need or buy one packet first to get a copy. Take it and a pen.
  • Start at one side of a box and work through it methodically rather than randomly. Keep track of what packets you have already looked through so you don’t feel the same packet multiple times.

I hope this guide helps you find the figures you are after. Let me know in the comments how you get on and if you have any particular favourites!

2 thoughts on “The LEGO Batman movie minifigure guide

  1. Wow, this searching caper is an art form in its own right. I’ve tended to play ‘lucky dip’ but maybe I should get a little cleverer about it. I’m with you on Commissioner Gordon’s printing. I think it’s one of the best the Lego has produced.

    1. Ha, it can be a little tricky! I often wonder if I should just buy a box, but it’s like a game to play to see if you can find the ones you want!

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