London calling to the toy photographers

With the latest big toy photography meet up taking place over in San Francisco in May, and the next European one likely taking place in the autumn, I was really after some toy photo fun taking place in the Spring, on this side of the world.

So, I decided to get together with a couple of the folk who went on the Hamburg safari last autumn, and organise a meet-up weekend in London!

This is taking place on the 25th and 26th March.

Put it in your diary if you have any interest in meeting up with some like-minded toy photographers for a weekend of fun, friendship and toys (and walking; lot’s of walking). Anyone, and any toys, are welcome!


This isn’t going to be a slick, polished affair. It’s just a bunch of people who want to meet up. The general idea is that we’re likely to be doing an all day photo walk on the Saturday, and an early morning to midday session on the Sunday. You are welcome to come to one day, both days, or bits of either.

I can’t promise good weather, although the 26th is the start of British Summer Time, so maybe it will make an appearance for us! Fairy Batman is rooting for it, at least!


If you are interested, contact me through this blog, through Instagram or G+ and I will get you to the Facebook group where we are working out the finer details.

Hope to see you in London!


EDIT: Register now through eventbrite for more details and to let me know you are coming!!

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