365:2017 – week one

It’s one week into 2017 and my 365 is going well. It’s been LEGO heavy, and I’ve really been enjoying my new LED lighting for working during the darker winter days!

I’m wasn’t planning on making this a toy photography 365, but judging by how the first 8 days have gone, it may well turn into that!

Without further ado, here is my first week in 2017!

January 1

Mini me gets planning

Starting the year with a mini-me portrait. She’s ready to get the year underway with her ‘to-do’ list.

January 2

Darth Vader and Teddy

Even Darth Vader needs a teddy bear.

January 3

Winter friends

Winter hit this week, leaving some wonderful frosty moss to play with foxes on.

January 4

Coffee break

Who needs coffee and a biscuit? For a holiday week, it’s been busy!

January 5

Millennium Falcon

The Falcon has landed, and she is a beautiful hunk of junk.

January 6

Rain and Rey

It’s raining on Rey. Or maybe she’s just really sad.

January 7

Making potions

Ending the first week of the year with some pepper up potions. With Snape making them, they are sure to work!

I’ll be back in the next week with another post! (Post 2/52)

(P.S. I’m thinking of moving my blog to SquareSpace. Anyone have any experience or thoughts on it?)

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