Series 16 minifigures

A slightly delayed finding guide for the series 16 minifigures (being sick sucks!). Hope it’s still useful for someone.

Below you will find photos of all the figures, as well as some hints and tips to help you find the figures you want.

Once again, I am no longer producing a bump code guide as LEGO has made this increasingly difficult to check. The best way to get the figures you want is to feel the packets! With a little luck, you should be able to find a complete set in about 30 minutes!

1. Ice Queen

Coffee first (249:366)

The Ice Queen is so obsessed with ice and all things ice-related that she can’t help filling her conversations with ice puns. Terrible ice puns. But just make sure you smile politely and laugh at each and every one, or you’re likely to find yourself taking an ice slide all the way down to her ice dungeon – and you won’t get out again until it melts the next summer!


Series 16 minfiiguresSeries 16 minfiigures

You may be scared to find the ice queen in case she freezes you, but if you want to locate her, check for the skirt piece. She’s the only figure with a skirt so she should be pretty easy to find. She also has a tiny crown, and her ice weapons come in two parts each – a hand grip, and a flat, bendy blade.

The ice queen features a really nice blue tone skin colour, as well as her shiny cloak. The print on her dress is great, but I feel they could have printed the sides of the dress at well!

2. Desert Warrior


The Desert Warrior is always ready to plunge into unknown situations. This often sends him into the path of danger, but it can lead to great reward as well, like the time he discovered the cursed tomb of ancient Amset-Ra and battled a great stone scarab to win the forgotten pharaoh’s treasure. He also builds the most magnificent sand castles you’ve ever seen!

Series 16 minfiigures Series 16 minfiigures

The desert warrior can be found by looking for his curved sword. It’s the only sword in the series that has a bumped edge handle. You might also try feeling out the turban. Other than that, he has no other accessories.

3. Cyborg

Cyborg wars (253:366)

The Cyborg has a reputation as an expert troubleshooter – point her in the direction of trouble, and if she can’t think, build or cyber-hack a solution, then her duo-fusion blaster can shoot her way out.


Series 16 minfiiguresSeries 16 minfiigures

I LOVE that we have a female cyborg, and that she is rocking some great blue hair! You can find her by feeling for the gun, or for her body armor piece. The orange piece of the gun is a single stud which should fall to the edge of the packet if you shake it enough!

4. Cute Little Devil

Treat time!

The Cute Little Devil is one adorable mischief-making kid. Whether he means to or not, he’s constantly causing trouble around the neighborhood.


Series 16 minfiiguresSeries 16 minfiigures

This little devil is pretty cute (or so he likes you to think). He comes complete with devil tail (soft rubber), wings (hard plastic) and a pitchfork. You could also feel for the handle of the bucket, which feels like a plastic ‘u’. The figure also has short legs (one of the two short figures in this set) so you could find those too!

5. Spooky Boy

Waiting for a friend (252:366)

The Spooky Boy just wants a friend. A friend that he can read stories to from his favorite book of spooky tales. A friend who doesn’t mind that his pet spider accompanies him everywhere he goes. A friend who doesn’t wonder why he doesn’t show up in photographs. A friend who won’t ask why he has a fang.


Series 16 minfiiguresSeries 16 minfiigures

Oh Spooky boy, you are so wonderful, with your sad frown and your tiny fang. The print on this figure is pretty nice, especially that minifig skull t-shirt! You should be able to feel for the book. It’s big, flat, rectangular. Easy peasy. Spooky boy also comes with a spider.

6. Hiker

Lost. (246:366)

Nothing brings down the Hiker when he’s on a hike. It may rain and thunder, or he could be covered in itchy bug bites, or he might even get completely lost and turned around, but you know he’ll have a great time anyway.


Series 16 minfiiguresSeries 16 minfiigures

The hiker is a great minifigure, one you will definitely want in your pocket at all times! He has a double printed face – one side happy, one side confused and lost. You will be able to find him by checking for the 2×2 tile, or the single stud square tile. He also has a rucksack, with a sleeping roll on top, so it feels bulkier than the regular LEGO rucksack.

7. Wildlife photographer

How you doin'? (261:366)

The Wildlife Photographer will travel any distance, brave any terrain, and endure any extreme of savanna heat or polar chill to take pictures of animals in their natural habitats. She and her camera have been to every continent on the globe in her quest for photos, documenting the fascinating behavior that she sees so that everyone back home can see it, too.


Series 16 minfiiguresSeries 16 minfiiguresSeries 16 minfiigures

Another great figure, this time one for the photographers around here! A two faced figure, one side has goggles, and one side has a squinty camera face. She also comes with a cute little penguin. You should be able to feel for the camera (it comes with a separate single stud piece for the camera.) The figure’s hood is also quite large, with a bumpy edge round the front.

8. Kickboxer

Post-sports pizza is key! (260:366)

When she’s in the ring with her protective equipment on, boxing and kicking away against a skilled opponent, she sure is glad that she didn’t go with her other idea of parasail-bowling!


Series 16 minfiiguresSeries 16 minfiiguresSeries 16 minfiigures

Another figure with two great faces, the second of which is dripping with sweat from kickboxing! This is a pretty great figure, and the gloves are awesome! You should be able to find her by feeling for the gloves rather than LEGO hands. If not, try feeling for the helmet piece, or the round 1×1 stud.

9. Scallywag Pirate

Yarrr! (254:366)

Nobody makes you keep neat and tidy when you’re a scurvy buccaneer. The Scallywag Pirate is thrilled that he gets to shave with a cutlass and never has to do any washing-up. And maybe his clothes are falling apart and his teeth have gone rotten and he doesn’t have any hair left to comb…but that’s exactly the pirate’s life that he signed up for!

Series 16 minfiiguresSeries 16 minfiigures

Yarrrrr, ya little scallywags, looking for a pirate are ya? You should be able to feel this pirate out by looking for the 2×2 tile and the sword. You can also try to feel for his skull piece.

10. Penguin Boy

Penguin guy

The Penguin Boy loves to imagine himself living the life of a real penguin. Snug and warm inside his penguin costume, he waddles his way around his snowy backyard, picturing it as the endless ice of the South Pole.


Series 16 minfiiguresSeries 16 minfiigures

Who doesn’t need a little penguin running around? I mean, look how cute he is! You should be able to feel this little chick out by looking for the short legs or the body with wings rather than arms. You might also like to shake the packet to see if the ice skates fall to the corner!

11. Rogue

A modern rogue. (247:366)

The sneaky, shadowy Rogue answers to no king, queen or lord. A member of a feared pack of renegades, he doesn’t let anything – or anyone – stand in the way of his quest for riches.


Series 16 minifiguresSeries 16 minifigures

The Rogue comes with some wonderful printing, particularly that great wolf broach! You can find this sneaky Rogue by feeling for his bow, his arrow holder, or his slightly triangular hood.

12. Dog Show Winner

Good boy! (251:366)

For the devoted Dog Show Winner, his pampered, pedigreed pooch is the most important thing in the world. He grooms and brushes it, buys it the most highly-rated toys and treats, and teaches it to do clever new tricks.


Series 16 minfiiguresSeries 16 minfiigures

He’s number 1, and he isn’t afraid to tell you about it! You should be able to find this well groomed dog show winner by feeling out for the cup. It’s the easiest bit to feel for, but you could also try for the doggie!

13. Mariachi

The marvelous, mustachioed Mariachi! (257:366)

Come and listen to the music of the marvelous, mustachioed Mariachi, a master of his craft! Whether he’s playing solo or as part of a full band, he always raises the mood and energy of his surroundings with the rhythms of his guitar, passed down in his family through the generations.


Series 16 minfiiguresSeries 16 minfiigures

To find this musical marvel, try to feel out for the guitar or the hat. You could also try to feel for the moustache by shaking the packet out. It’s small and rubbery. Again, there is some great printing on this figure, especially the pattern around the hat rim!

14. Spy

Super secret spy

Codenamed “Agent A”, the Spy is the ultimate secret agent. Few have ever seen him in action, and almost nothing is known about his identity or past.


Series 16 minfiiguresSeries 16 minfiigures

dundedun dun dun dun dundedun dun dun dun…

If you are looking for the spy, you will have to look out in his secret hiding spots. Alternatively, you could feel for the rope or the gun. You can also feel out the super secret spy googles (a thin, hard, curved plastic piece).

15. Banana Guy

Be a cool banana. Eat bananas. (250:366)

Whenever somebody at a party mentions bananas, you can bet that the Banana Guy will be there. He’s just a wild and crazy guy in a banana suit who loves two things: bananas and partying.


Series 16 minfiiguresSeries 16 minfiigures

Do you want a banana? Banana guy will have one for you! You can find him by feeling for the giant banana suit. He’s an easy one to track down. Just don’t fall over the skin or you will end up like Clumsy Guy.

16. The Babysitter

8pm, next Tuesday? Sure.

The Babysitter loves cute things, and fortunately for her, she finds cuteness everywhere she goes. Cute babies! Cute T-shirts with cute pugs in cute glasses! Cute planes and trains and snakes and spaceships! She sees the cuteness in pretty much everything she encounters, from bugs to LEGO® bricks.


Series 16 minfiiguresSeries 16 minfiigures

The local LEGO city babysitter loves to look after your little ones! You will be able to find a babysitter by calling feeling for her pigtails. You can also feel for the bottle, or the baby. The baby’s head is separate, so you could try to feel for the tiny head too.


  • Hold the corner of a bag and shake until any little pieces fall to one side. Makes it easier to feel them out away from the leaflet.
  • Use the guide above to work out key things to feel for in the packet. Think about what something might feel like.
  • Don’t be embarrassed! Talk to the shop assistant if they are right there watching you. They are usually bored so any distraction will entertain them!
  • Make a pile of the packets you want separately to the ones you are looking for. Get a basket so others don’t pick up your carefully selected pile.
  • Find a copy of the leaflet to use as a checklist for what you need or buy one packet first to get a copy. Take it and a pen.
  • Start at one side of a box and work through it methodically rather than randomly. Keep track of what packets you have already looked through so you don’t feel the same packet multiple times.

I hope this guide helps you find the figures you are after. Let me know in the comments how you get on and if you have any particular favourites!

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