Decisions, decisions

One of the problems with doing a daily photo project is that even when you are really not happy with the results of your quick, post-work photo, you have to pick something to go with. Taking 20 minutes out of the day to snap a quick photo can be difficult somedays, especially when you are feeling sick.

In the end, this was the photo that I choose:

"Be whole, be dust, be dream, be wind/Be night, be dark, be wish, be mind,/Now slip, now slide, now move unseen,/Above, beneath, betwixt, between.”  ― Neil Gaiman (236:366)

The idea behind this was that she was searching through the sand, in the heat of the sun, years after a battle, finding the remains of Stormtroopers.

It didn’t quite turn out like that, and I’m really not that happy with the picture. For one thing, I really wanted it to be more obvious it was Stormtroopers she was finding the graves of. For another, I couldn’t get the colour tone as I wanted it, and finally, it’s just not what was in my head. Sometimes getting the scene in your head out into reality, and then getting a picture of it just doesn’t go according to plan! Do you find this? It can get really frustrating!

This one was more what I wanted. Only preferably in focus at the right depth and not so shadowy. This one is straight out of the camera. I was too disappointed with it even to edit it… Exactly what I wanted only not at all.


I also took a couple of different scenes whilst I had the sand out and the figures broken up in it. Again, going for a desolate battlefield approach and just not really getting it quite as I wanted. I think maybe there was just too much glare from the sun and not enough distance to the ‘sand’. I’m thinking I needed to shield the direct light more but I wanted glare… but not so much glare. Yeah, one of those nights!

Tough decisions

Saying goodbye

Do you do daily photography? What do you do when it’s not quite what you wanted?  Do you freak out and give up, or just work with what you took?

3 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions

  1. I really like your first photo. Before reading this post I had no idea she was looking at dead stormtroopers. I like that because it made me wonder what she was looking for.

    The only time I tried to take daily photos (during 25 days), there were so many bad ones that I decided I would never do this again. One of the reasons I didn’t like it was the problem you mention when you are not satisfied with the way you implemented your idea. Now when I have a clear idea of what I want to create and can’t do it, I wait and try again later until I get something satisfying. For example it’s been months I want to take a portrait of the Ghostrider, but everytime it doesn’t work as intended. The result is not necessarily bad, but it’s too far away from my idea. So now I’m left with half a dozens of rather good pictures of Ghostrider than I don’t want to put online before I nail the photo as I want.

  2. Day 238 of a Project 365 (or more correctly 366…thanks for nothing, leap year) over here and doing okay. A lot better than my first two 365s anyway, 3 and 4.5 years ago, respectively. So far only a handful of, “Screw it, it’ll have to do,” images have made it into the lineup.

    I try and avoid too much planning and staging for the most part because things rarely turn out exactly how I want when I only have one day to work with, and I’m much more likely to scrap an idea and change tack completely than try and salvage an image I’m not entirely happy with through editing. So more often than not my best daily images are happy accidents; then again, not following a set theme gives me a lot of leeway in that regard.

    I definitely get the frustration of going for a look that just won’t happen, but for what it’s worth I really like those last two photos!

  3. Hey Lizzi,
    Hope you’re feeling better. There are days when you won’t take the perfect picture in your own eyes. The trick is learning to deal with the fact you’re not perfect.
    No offence, but hey – perfection is a little dull 😉

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