Believe in magic

The Disney minifigure series came out last week, and I’ve been on a desperate mission to track them all down. I’m still one short (Aladdin – has anyone found him? I’ve checked lots boxes but no luck!) so I’ve been holding off putting up my minifigure finding guide. I’ll get to it this week, I promise!

For now, and because I’ve been seriously failing to update this blog, have some of my first photos of this seriously awesome gang!

Who the **** is Alice?


Green man

Love ducks (128:366)

2 thoughts on “Believe in magic

  1. Beautiful photos! I have had such a hard time getting my hands on them that i decided just to buy 18 from last week (they have not arrived yet). But when I went to Toys R Us and Walmart today, they were available and I was able to get a bunch. I didn’t have time to stay at the stores today so I just felt through them when I got home and will return the ones I have duplicates of. I did get an Aladdin. My favorite is Ariel but I didn’t get her in the 20+ i bought today.

    1. Ah, good idea! Hope you get all the ones you want! I’m still short Aladdin but I will track him down eventually! They seem to be selling out quick though as most places had almost empty boxes here!

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