The apple tree

I sometimes get stuck in a bit of a rut when it comes to where I shoot LEGO in the garden. At the moment, it’s the apple tree. It’s also been the rotten log on the grass, and the paving slabs.

But the apple tree.

It’s an old, decaying tree, that looks wonderful both summer and winter. I can’t find a shot of it in full at the moment as I tend to shoot close up on one particular branch.

Over the last few weeks, the sun starts to set just behind it, at just the time I tend to be outside taking photos.

Here are some of the results:

Last stand. (or how not to build a minifigure) (16:366)

Left behind (40:366)

Even Batman needs coffee (38:366)

Ready to fly (49:366)

Catching sunlight

Making magic  (46:366)

Some of these, such as Stormy and the wand I’m oddly happy with. Some are not quite what I was hoping for, such as Batman and his coffee. But the magic of seeing the different light from this spot is something I love.

I even have a photo of me taking a photo here whilst trying to not get spots in my eyes from looking directly at the light again!


I find there is something calming about going to the same place, at the same time to take a photo, even if you do end up with something similar (but a little different) each time. I find that I start to learn a little more about lighting in that place each time I take photos there. I can play a little more with what I am doing.

What about other types of consistency, such as using the same figure again and again? I also tend to stick to the same few figures, with new ones occasionally making an appearance. Often I grab ones I have had since I first started toy photography rather than the new ones that I just got. Perhaps it’s a comfort thing. Working with the known, rather than the unknown. Perhaps I ought to branch out (no pun intended) and move to areas of the world that I haven’t used before.

How about you? Do you get stuck in a location rut for your photos? Do you use that to explore your photography from a different perspective whilst keeping consistency? Or do you hate to shoot in the same place multiple times? Let me know!

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