Review: Doctor Who (Set 21301)

It’s been a while since I’ve done a review, but as  a huge Doctor Who fan, how could I resist doing one for this set!

The set: Doctor Who (Set 21301)

The price:  £49.99 RRP

Bricks in the box:  623 (0.08p  per brick)

Time to build: Three episodes of Doctor who (Silence in the Library, Forest of the Dead and The Bells of Saint John if you are interested!)

Age: 10+

LEGO Doctor Who

The minifigures:

Let’s be honest, the figures are what made me want this set this most. It’s a good selection, although I would have quite liked an Amy and Rory to go with 11. Still, all the figures are well printed, and really look great!

Eleventh Doctor

LEGO Doctor Who LEGO Doctor Who

With his bow tie and suit jacket, this figure is a perfect Eleven. River’s already taken his Fez away from him in this picture, but that’s okay. His hair is all kinds of awesome to look at!

Twelfth Doctor

LEGO Doctor Who LEGO Doctor Who

With a very purple printed jacket rather than the black, this version of the Doctor stands out! Again, a detailed figure that makes for a great Capaldi!


LEGO Doctor Who LEGO Doctor Who

For a companion, we get Clara. She is in one of her early outfits, with some very shiny hair! I do kind of wish they could have printed her skirt pattern on the back though! I also wish we had another companion (*cough* Rory and Amy *cough*) alongside her!

Weeping angel

LEGO Doctor Who

Don’t blink. Whatever you do, don’t blink.

LEGO Doctor Who


Did you blink? Hope you don’t have something in your eye.

I love the weeping angel. She looks perfect, and the pattern on the dress is super! Makes it look just like a tiny little statue!


LEGO Doctor Who LEGO Doctor Who

Exterminate! Exterminate!

The set comes with two of these brick built Darlek’s. Again, a lot of thought has been put into their build and they look super! I wonder if these ones can fly…

LEGO Doctor Who


LEGO Doctor Who

The pride of the set, the TARIDS. Isn’t she beautiful! I could go on and on about how much I love this model, but I won’t (too much). Instead, take a look below to see how it opens up.

LEGO Doctor Who

Once the roof is removed, you can fold up the sides and open her up. There is just enough room for (one of) the Doctor’s to be hidden inside! We also have a nice printed piece of the interior of the door. One of the great things about this set is that all the parts are printed! No stickers! YAY!

LEGO Doctor Who

The console room

Here you can see how the top of the TARDIS folds up. Once she is open, the play set of the console attaches to it, making the entrance bridge.

LEGO Doctor Who

There is plenty of detail on this set to make Doctor Who fans very happy. We have gallifreyan tiles, timey whimy leavers, all the things we need to make the TARDIS fly!

LEGO Doctor Who

Let’s go!

LEGO Doctor Who

Woah! Hang tight Clara!

LEGO Doctor Who

You can even make time collide in fun ways with this set!

LEGO Doctor Who

Overall rating: 9/10


I cannot state enough how much you should get this set if you are a Doctor Who fan! It’s a wonderful treasure full of Doctory goodness. The build is not too tricky, although gets a little repetitive when making the console pieces. However, seeing it all come together is more than enough to make even those parts fun!

The TARIDS police box model is a great collectors piece, but it’s also a fabulous play piece and the console room is full of details to make playing with the set great fun.

For older kids and collectors, you will not go wrong with this set on your shelves or in the toy box!

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