Have LEGO, will travel

Tomorrow morning I’m off to Iceland for a whirlwind adventure with my Mum! We’re there for only two full days, arriving tomorrow afternoon and departing at the crack of dawn on Thursday (an example of why I should not be in charge of booking flights!) I’m already regretting not staying for at least three days as there are so many cool things we could have done! As it is, we’re spending the first day in Reykjavik and the second at the Blue Lagoon. We have a Northern Lights trip booked, but the weather doesn’t look hopeful! We shall have to see what happens!

Anyway, two full days means there will be plenty of opportunities to shoot some LEGO photos! Which of course means I have the difficult action of picking who goes with me!

Packing (31:366)

This photo is most of what I am taking. Of course, mini me is coming, as are some yetis and stormtroopers, as well as some spacemen!. A skier, swimmer and batman complete the set! Sadly I don’t have any Vikings to come with me!

I have a little bag that this will all live in, along with some blu-tac to stop anything going AWOL. That doesn’t mean that I’m not worried about loosing any of them! I totally am. But I have a spare mini-me at home safe and sound just in case! (As we’re on the subject, check out this recent Stuck in Plastic post about the fear of leaving someone behind whilst on holiday. Every word rings true! Ha!

I’m also taking my new GoPro, so the Stormtroopers have been helping me work out how to use it (and not loose it! It’s tiny!).

Say cheese! (26:366)
I hope to be back next weekend with some great pictures of the trip. And I beg my mums patience whilst I try and capture some of Iceland’s sights with minifigs in tow!

Have a great week everyone!

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