Series 15 minifigures – finding guide

It’s that time again when a new series of minifigures has hit the shops!

Below you will find photos of all the figures, as well as some hints and tips to help you find the figures you want.

Once again, I am no longer producing a bump code guide as LEGO has made this increasingly difficult to check. The best way to get the figures you want is to feel the packets! I found a complete set in about 30 minutes!

1. Farmer
Farmer (Front) Farmer (Back)

Every day, the hard-working Farmer gets up at sunrise when the rooster crows. He puts on his overalls, his well-worn boots and his old brown hat, and he goes outside to slop the pigs, milk the cows and feed the horses. After that, it’s time to collect fresh eggs from the henhouse, chase the crows off of the scarecrow, and straighten up the crop circles left behind by visiting aliens.

– from

The farmer figure is actually pretty cool. He features a simple dungaree print, and comes with a great hat! You should be able find him because he has a rake (feel for the stick and check it has forks). You might also be able to feel out the piggy and the hat.

2. Astronaut
Astronaut (Front) Astronaut (back)

Astronaut is finally on his way to his first new planet. He can’t wait to get there! He’s brought a flag to plant on the surface and everything. He wonders if he’ll encounter any unusual life forms when he arrives. If he does, he hopes they like the spiffy new beard he grew during his long space voyage!

– from

 The astronaut is a wonderfully printed figure, complete with the space logo! His face print is an awesome scraggly beard! You should be able to find him by feeling for the oxygen tank, as well as the flag. This is in two pieces, so look out for a flat square piece, with the clips on one side. His helmet comes with a separate visor so if you have really nimble fingers, you might try feeling for that.

3. Frightening Knight
Frightening Knight (Front) Frightening Knight (back)

frightening Knight (Face)

Being frightening isn’t just the Frightening Knight’s name – it’s also his great passion in life. If he doesn’t leave everybody who sees him shaking in their boots, then he feels like he hasn’t done his job right.

– from

The frightening night figure is a darkly printed figure in a deep green. There’s a lot of detail on the print, both front and back, which is nice to see. He comes with quite a lot of things in his packet, including the shoulder plate, which was quite easy to feel. He also comes with a shield and mace. The mace is actually in two parts, one the stick, the other being a slightly soft spiked ball.

4. Clumsy guy
Clumsy Guy (front) clumsy Guy (back)

clumsy Guy (Foot)

Even when he’s standing in the middle of a crowd, he’s the only one who’s likely to get bonked on the head by a plummeting ice meteorite.

– from

Poor dude, he just keeps getting hurt! At least he’s been patched up and had his cast decorated. That is some great figure detailing right there! You will easily find clumsy guy because his crutches are so easy to feel out!

5. Tribal woman

Tribal woman (Front) Tribal woman (Back)

Like her father and her grandmother before her, the Tribal Woman is a storyteller. She knows many stories, some true and some imaginary, and a few that are both at the same time.

– from

The tribal woman is another figure with some lovely detail printing. She comes with a baby that she can either hold, or wear on her back. You should be able to find her either by the feathers or the back plate attachment that allows the baby to be worn.

6. Flying warrior
Flying Warrior (Front) Flying Warrior (Back)

Throughout the ages, the Flying Warrior has tirelessly carried out his duty of defending the weak and innocent. To pay the bills (even an ancient hero needs an apartment and the occasional pizza), he’s recently become a museum guide. Tour groups are really impressed by his booming voice and first-hand knowledge of centuries of history, and kids on class trips love it when he accidentally knocks things over with his wings!

– from

This figure is very… golden. He has a lot of pieces though, that make him fairly easy to locate. Firstly, he has the only spear in the set, so feel for that (stick with a pointy end!). You can also feel for the wings or the armor, but the helmet might be a better bet to differentiate from the laser mech.

7. Faun
Faun (front) Faun (back)

The fantastical Faun lives in the woods, where he plays his flute, makes up silly riddles, and dances all the day long (he also sings a little, but he isn’t very good at it). Part goat and part Minifigure, he gets along with all of nature and wouldn’t dream of living anywhere but his forest home.

– from

Half human, half goat, and very cheerful. This guy will feel like a standard minifigure, except for the indents in the legs. He can be found because he has a flute. Make sure there is nothing else in the packet though as several other figures also have a stick piece.

8. Animal Control Officer
Animal Control Officer (Front) animal Control Officer (back)

animal Control Officer (Alternate face)

When there’s a bat in your belfry, a rattlesnake in your rafters, or an elephant in your swimming pool, you call the Animal Control specialist.

– from

It’s great to see a female figure with this job, as well as such a great alternate face! She’s a pretty standard figure, with a work shirt printed on the front only. She comes with the local friendly skunk, and a net to catch him in. She’s not too tricky to find because the net is fairly obvious to feel!

9. Janitor

Janitor (Front) Janitor (Back)

The Janitor has been at this job for a long time. In fact, those who know him would swear that he’s been around pretty much forever. For some reason, though, nobody seems to remember his name. It’s especially weird because it’s written right there on his uniform, even if it’s just a little bit hard to read.

– from

The janitor comes in a standard blue jumpsuit type outfit. He’s looking pretty grubby too! You can feel out the cap with a peak, or try for the mop handle (longer stick with a bump on one end). Also try feeling out for that mop head, which is slightly soft and rubbery.

10. Ballerina
Ballarina (front) Ballarina (back)

It isn’t so easy to be a world-class dancer! That’s why the elegant Ballerina trains hard every day. It’s not just about wearing a frilly tutu and lacing up her stylish slippers. She’s got to practice every move and position until she gets them just right – otherwise, she won’t be able to do justice to classic ballets like The Brick Separator and Swan Blue Base Plate.

– from

Our dainty ballerina comes with her hair in a neat bun, which is quite a distinctive hair piece to feel out for. Her hair comes with some sweet flowers in it, just ready for the show. You can also feel for the skirt piece, which is a flat, bump, oval shape.

11. Laser mech

Laser mech (front) Laser mech (back)

The Laser Mech is totally, completely, and 1000% rad. When he blasts onto the scene with his transparent techno-wings and neon-piped high-visibility stealth armor, his beltline display pulsing to the rocking beat of his own riotous theme song, everybody knows that the coolest robotic hero in the universe has arrived.

– from

The laser mech is another figure made up of quite a few bits. You can feel for the wings, the helmet or the chest armor. However, confirm it is him by feeling out for the flat laser sword. Be warned though, it’s not a hard plastic, but is soft and bendy.

12. Kendo fighter
Kendo Fighter (Front) Kendo Fighter (back)

Kendo Fighter (Face)

Blade-wielding villains are often amused to find themselves facing the Kendo Fighter and his two wooden swords. At first, they laugh at his audacity in carrying simple practice weapons and armor into battle. After all, how can mere bamboo stand against the strength and sharpness of steel?

– from

Ah, the Kendo fighter. I must admit I was looking forward to this figure as my other half and I practice kendo. The printing on the front is great, and is just a shame they didn’t carry it around to the back of the figure! I love that they printed the tenugui  (head covering) onto his head too! I’m just sad that he looks so grumpy! Kendoka are certainly not always so severe looking!

I’ll admit, this guy comes with two swords, but I couldn’t bring him to hold two long swords together like that. The swords are very thin feeling in the packet, but you should be able to locate them quite easily. The helmet also has the ridged front that you can feel for.

13. Shark suit guy

Shark suit guy (front) Shark suit guy (side)
Shark suit guy (alternate face)

To celebrate his newfound appreciation for his finny friends, he’s decided to dress up like a shark himself. Now the Shark Suit Guy may still get a little jumpy whenever he passes a mirror, but at least he knows that if he runs into a real shark, it’ll think he’s a pal!

– from

This guy threw me in the shop, as I was thinking his tail would be a separate piece. As you can see from the pictures, this is not the case. The best thing to do for this guy is feel for the body piece with the fins, and then confirm with the shark body/helmet piece. I’m not sure how to describe what it feels like, but take a look at the picture so you know what to expect!

14. Wrestling champion

Wrestling champion (Front) Wrestling champion (Back)

[T]he entire world is one big wrestling match. Along with wrestling in the ring – and doing it extremely well – he also wrestles his clothes on in the morning, wrestles his car into its parking spot at work, and you’d better believe that he wrestles his lunch all the way down.

– from

Grr. Arrrr. Woooo…. I love the stereotypical wrestler garb here! And that mullet! 80s perfection! He’s also super easy to find. Just feel for that trophy, which is more bulky and obvious than you might imagine!

15. Jewel thief

Jewel Theif (Front) Jewel Theif (Back)

Somersaulting through the laser grid, she skillfully cracks the locking code and escapes with the most valuable diamond inside, pausing only to give the guard dog a friendly scratch under the chin.

– from

Yay! A female bad guy! I love this figure – she’s perfectly styled, from her flicked out hair to her accessory belt. She does need some string so she can climb in and out of places in mini-town but i’m sure I can rummage some up to help her out! You can find her by feeling for the jewel. Shake the packet and see if it falls to the corner. You can also feel for the gun piece, or the separate grapple piece.

 16. Queen

Queen (Front) Queen (Back)

The Queen comes from a slightly larger kingdom than the Classic King, and as such she wonders if it wouldn’t be a good idea to be a little less old-fashioned and a little more up-to-date. There are all sorts of modern conveniences that could help to improve their golden castle, like one-piece portcullis gates and base plates with built-in dungeons and walls with lovely stone-and-ivy patterns.

– from

The king from series 13 has a queen! She matches him in colour scheme, as well as having the same cloak. She also has some great hair, although it is a shame that they didn’t mold her crown on as they did the king. As you might imagine, the queen is pretty easy to find, thanks to her rather large skirt piece.

Tips for successful searching

  • Hold the corner of a bag and shake until any little pieces fall to one side. Makes it easier to feel them out away from the leaflet.
  • Use the guide above to work out key things to feel for in the packet. Think about what something might feel like, for example, the animal catcher’s net will feel a little like a helmet but with a stick.
  • Don’t be embarrassed! Talk to the shop assistant if they are right there watching you. They are usually bored so any distraction will entertain them!
  • Make a pile of the packets you want separately to the ones you are looking for. Get a basket so others don’t pick up your carefully selected pile.
  • Print out the leaflet as a checklist for what you need or buy one packet first to get a copy. Take it and a pen.
  • Start at one side of a box and work through it methodically rather than randomly. Keep track of what packets you have already looked through so you don’t feel the same packet multiple times.

I hope this guide helps you find the figures you are after. Let me know in the comments how you get on and if you have any particular favourites!

3 thoughts on “Series 15 minifigures – finding guide

  1. Thanks for your guide it will be very helpful if I’m lucky enough to come across some series 15 figures! (However if this does not happen soon I’ll probably be lazy and get most of them through Bricklink like I did for series 14)

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