12 photos of 2015: The selection


Last month I took part in the Stuck in Plastic photo book swap. I’ve sent all my books now, and have received four back so far! It’s been an awesome experience, and I loved making and sending my books out. The books I have got back are also a wonderful testament to the toy photography community and how varied it is!

Before I dive into 2016 and new photography projects, I thought it might be nice to share the content of my book on here. I hope you find it somewhat interesting! I’ll be back in a few days (hopefully) with a few more pictures for you!


Mythical creature sighting


My LEGO sig fig got into chasing mythical creatures in the parsley in January.

I chose this shot because it makes me smile. I remember laying down in the back of the garden where our allotment is to get this shot through the parsley stalks.


A yeti reflecting


February was pretty wet if I recall. I mean, this is England, it’s always pretty wet. This day though, the yeti grabbed the pink umbrella and went to contemplate the English rain by studying his reflection.

I took this photo for a reflection theme in a Flickr group. It was taken on a very gloomy February day out in a leftover puddle on the back patio.


Coffee break


We all need a coffee break, and Snape is no exception. I alway imagine that Snape probably drinks quite a lot of coffee, what with those annoying students and all. So when no one is looking, he goes and sits outside to read the paper in the warm spring light.

This one is all about the light for me, as well as the fact that Snape was so much fun to photograph! He was one of the few figures I did not get bored photographing after a month!


101:365 outtake

Sometimes, when the light is shining just right, you need to go out and paint with it.

This photo was actually an outtake because you can’t see that the bee is painting (which was the whole point of the original photo). However, when I was searching for photos to add to this collection, I fell in love with this one because of the softness to it and how it is like bee is in her own little world of painting.


An adventurous splash


Who doesn’t like to stand in puddles and splash about? Indiana Jones certainly loves too. So much so that sometimes the puddles he stands in splash up all by themselves! The splash in this photo came complete with the little cartoon splash lines. I remember seeing them on the camera and was so happy I had captured a sploosh from the rain! This was another photo outside on our patio – there’s a definite rain/patio/getting wet theme in my photos!




Frodo used to love adventures. Then there was a really long one that wasn’t so fun. Something about a ring and a long walk. He was never sure. He just wanted to get his camera out and shoot some pictures of the mountains! This probably wasn’t my best photo from June but I like how the grass looks. This was taken in the long grass at the very back of our garden. And I’m still not sure why Frodo’s hair is so shiny.


Superhero assistance


I’m Batman. I like black but I can totally rock a pink umbrella to help someone in need! I have no clue where this photo idea came from, but I love how out of place Batman looks compared to all the bright colours! Also, another cool rain splash – it was pretty much a wash out of a summer here in the UK!


Long summer days


Imagine it. You’re at space school. It’s summer. You have your favourite mixes on tape and your headphones in. The warmth of the day is in the air as the sun slowly sets. Bliss.

This is possibly my favourite photo of the year. It was taken in the early evening on a long August day. I ended up laying across the lawn to get the angle of the sun right, taking a lot of shots to get the one I wanted.


Rainy days


Sometimes Stormtroopers just want a chance to stand in the rain and feel all the things.

Stormtoopers are loved in the LEGO photography world. They work so well in so many different scenarios. They are definitely one of the more fun figures to photograph! For me, this one is a favourite as there is just something about the rain, and the vulnerability of the Stormtrooper being out in it, that just appeals to me. I imagine him stood there, thinking about all the friends he has lost.


Autumn dreams


Spooky girl is dreaming of summer days as the light fades. Imagining the world as the sun sets around it.

I fell in love with the light this autumn. It hit this old tree stump perfectly everyday at about 4.30pm for week or so. I would run out to this patch of sunlit garden and take photos of Spooky girl that just remind me that the light in this world is beautiful and we need to stand and just be still in it for a while.


Love is…


Love is sharing your umbrella during the rainy days.

This nerdy couple made me smile all month. I got absolutely soaked taking this photo though as I went out barefoot and without a coat to take it when I noticed it was finally raining again! I like the show of affection in this – the emotions you can get LEGO figures to show always amazes me. This was one of those photos that makes shooting plastic people perfect for me. It’s about making them come alive through imagination.


Darth Vader does Christmas

Christmas shopping on Endor

Vader has a lot of missed christmases to make up for with the kids so he’s getting an early start on the Christmas shopping. Unfortunately Endor doesn’t have much in the way of gifts so he’s phoning for help.

I love Darth Santa. He’s a fabulous figure to round the year out and get in the festive mood with! As the garden was still looking so lush and green (it’s been wet and mild out) I wanted to pretend he’s hanging around Endor! Maybe that teddy is an Ewok in disguise?

End note

Thank you for looking through my 12 photos of 2015. I hope that you found it interesting/enjoyable/worth the time. Maybe you just looked at it because it was on the coffee table in front of you and you had no idea what it was. Maybe you looked at it because you are interested in toy photography. But whatever the reason, you looked at it. So thank you.

In 2015 I took 365 daily photos of LEGO minifigures, using a different character each month. As any photographer knows, there is a lot of behind the scenes work for any photo, before it gets uploaded. I did this for 365 days in a row. There are a lot of photos that I am not happy with because I did not have the time to get it quite right.

As such, the theme for my 12 photos is not that they are all my best photos. They’re not. They are however ones I love or enjoyed taking. They also represent the fact that in England, we’re a bit obsessed by the weather. It really does rain quite a lot but there are also days where the light is beautiful.

Keep on being awesome.


If you want to take a look at a preview of the book, it’s available on Blurb.


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