London calling?

It’s been a while since I’ve taken my minifigures out and about on an adventure, and they’re kind of bugging me to go somewhere for a photo walk.

LEGO Lizzi at Big Ben

I don’t want to do this by myself. As you might know the humans tend to look at you weird when you take your toys out in the street (and the police, if you are not careful!)

He's watching you Emmet!

So, my question for you. Would you be interested if I set up a photo walk for toy photographers in London? (Or, do you already know of one?)

We would meet in public (duh!) and tour  touristy spots with our minifigures and a supply of blue tac. We might even talk to each other whilst we take our pictures. Although that’s entirely optional. If you want to just hang out silently, that’s cool too.

There’s a poll here, so please let me know if you are interested. Dates can be decided later on (although Spring is nice) once I see if anyone is interested (because you know, it could just be me…)

2 thoughts on “London calling?

  1. Sadly London isn’t quite my neighbourhood (neither is the UK). Apart from that gathering for a toy photowalk is a great idea! From what I’ve experienced so far getting together with others is good, important and last not least FUN! Should I ever return to famous London and should I have some extra time I’ll definitely ask in advance whether a spontaneous walk will take place. Should you ever plan on travelling to Hamburg/Germany and should be interested in shooting minifigs please feel free to do the same. Hoping to get my hands on a copy of your ‘twelve of 2015’ somehow!
    Regards, Stefan

    1. Such a shame! If you are ever heading over with time to spare, definitely make enquiries! I live pretty close to London so it’s easy for me to get there!

      Hamburg is on my ‘to visit in Germany’ list! I have a half German partner and we have plans to slowly visit more of the country as I’ve only made it to Berlin so far (my favourite city so I keep going back!)


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