When the light goes

I love autumn and winter. I love colder weather with jumpers and hot chocolate. I love early nights where it’s fine to just curl up in your pyjamas with a good story.

Be honest. This is what you want to do all winter long.

However, the change in the light brings challenges with it for a year long photo project. You get quickly used to the light of the spring and the summer. You fall in love with the early autumn light.

Autumn light at its most glorious

Then all too soon come the dull, dark days of winter, where unless you want to take a photo in the dark, you are restricted to indoor photography (or running home after work screaming that you will get a photo in before the light goes!)

Please light, please stay until I manage to make this minifigure hold two books!

Putting together a reasonable photo outdoors isn’t too difficult in my house, as we have a large, awesome garden. Even bad weather doesn’t stop me going outside if the light is there!

In wind or rain, make sure you hang tight to your minifigures!
But rain can be romantic!

Putting together a photo indoors isn’t so easy for me, and my light tent and IKEA desk lamps definitely don’t do as good a job as I would like! (Things I need to invest in still: a decent light set up!)

Certainly for me, as a relatively inexperienced photographer, getting the lighting right is hard. Outdoors makes that easier, but when you are just using whatever light you have to hand in the house, it’s difficult not to have to change your photo based on your available lighting.

I’ve taken some time to play around with lighting, but I end up frustrated a lot of the time. Take this photo for instance. I wanted to light the house up from inside so it looked like she was just getting home from work. I’m not sure how well this was conveyed though.

Bringing home the goods

If I take a photo in the kitchen, it will be very warm as the lights are soft and the walls are terracotta. Sometimes, this can be a good thing (and who doesn’t love custard cream coloured photos!)


All this makes me somewhat less motivated to take my 365 photos at this time of year, as I have to put a lot more work into it. And after being at work all day, I like simple. Add to this that as the end of the project approaches, I am struggling for ideas of what to shoot and motivation is a little low this month! I’m hoping that Santa will encourage me some more but most of all, I can’t wait for the long days where I can head to the garden after work for my LEGO adventures, or at the very least, make use of some natural light again!

How do you deal with photography in the dark days of winter? Leave me a comment below and let me know! All advice welcome!

3 thoughts on “When the light goes

  1. Hi, maybe my advice is to late, but when I did my toy-photography- 365-project I used a flashlight and used that as my spot-light. And in the end (november/december) I got a flash, that I could control through remote and I work with that as my single light spot. These days I use the light that is available and uses long shutter-speed and a tripod ( I like that). The light is so bad during the day and I have for some days now work with a studio – indoors with Fabuland-toys, it has been fun doing toy photography the same way I do portraits.

    I really like your work, I have a soft spot for the outdoors pic’s and the gentle stile of you pictures. /Kristina

    1. Thanks for stopping by and for your nice comment and advice! I’ve taken to using the torch on my phone for my last photos indoors but I definitely want to get a flash – probably the next bit of camera kit I go for! Not until after Christmas now I should think. I’m still trying to shoot as much outdoors as I can at the moment. The mild autumn here has really helped with that, and I do love some rain for photos! 🙂

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