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So as you know if you have been following this blog for a while, I’ve been doing a 365 project where I am taking a photo of LEGO mini figures everyday for a year, changing the figures out each month for a little variety.

You may also know that ‘Stuck in Plastic’, a really awesome toy photography blog, is doing a small photo book exchange, where you pick your best/favourite 12 photos from the year, make a mini photo book, and exchange them.

I love this idea.

I loved it when they did it last year, but was too scared to even comment on the blog.

This year, I’m pushing myself into doing it.

So I commented. I said I want to take part. I jumped in, despite my continuing fear that I’m not good enough.

However, if starting toy photography has taught me one thing it’s that the community is open, friendly and encouraging to new people, and that doing these things is how you push yourself to improve. And I’m in a bit of a rut with my photography. I need to  try new things! This will be easier after I stop my self imposed restriction of only using my macro lens for my 365 project, but that’s not until 1 January.

Tonight then, in anticipation, I have spent a lot of time going over my 365 archive.

Obviously, I’m not through the project yet, with about 49 days to go, and a whole new figure to decide on for December (probably Santa or a gingerbread man!)

It was not an easy review. I thought picking a theme would be easy(ish, at least), but whilst there are a few common elements over most months, not every month has the same commonality. I have tried to vary my photos where I can, which makes this exercise harder. I also have a lot of photos that even now, looking back a few months, I think I could have done better (but when it’s late in the day, you go for anything that kind of works in a 365 project, rather than necessarily the best!)

I really wanted to do a pink umbrella theme. Because I have a thing for the pink umbrella. It shows up a lot.

But, not all my months have an umbrella. For some reason in April, with chicken and bee, I didn’t use it. Nor did they see any water or rain, which was my other idea.

So I’m going to have to think harder about this.

Could I  pick my favourite or my best of each month? These don’t necessarily always correlate for whatever reason but it could work. But it might not flow together so nicely.

Could I do all outdoor shots, highlighting the English weather? At least get some with the pink umbrella!

I thought about using all photos featuring a LEGO camera, but again, not every month has this (darn Chicken and Bee again! What was I doing in April?). Could I abandon the idea of using a photo from each month?  I think for a reflection of my year of LEGO photography though, doing so would undermine the exercise.


Should I do it at all? Am I ready to share my LEGO photography outside the Internet? Will other people be interested in my fairly simple LEGO photography when there are so many more awesome photographers out there? Will my selection matter to anyone but me? Argh!

*mutters* Shh brain, shh. I’m doing this.

What are your thoughts on collating photographs into collections? Have you ever done it? How did you organise them? Does the prospect of looking back and assessing your own work fill you with fear? Let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “12 photos

  1. I regularly go through my photostream. I think it’s useful to see where I am, how much progress I have done and what I should pay attention to improve my toy photography skills. However I find that selecting a limited number of photos is a very difficult task. I also intend to participate in the SiP’s photo book exchange and I spent yesterday’s whole evening trying to reduce the number of shots to 12 (and I almost finished doing it).

    Concerning your fears that you’re not good enough I think you should not worry that much. I think there are some amazing pictures in your 365 project and I find them very inspiring. In particular (and related to today’s SiP post) I think you have amazing storytelling skills and I really envy you a lot 😉

    1. Thanks for your kind words! 🙂 I think looking back over my photos is something I will do a lot more of when I get some time! It’s certainly an interesting exercise!

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