Things are getting spoooooky!

This month we are hanging out with Spooky Girl and her spooky monster friends!

Some of the things she has to do are a little less than fun though…


But when she gets out of the house to watch the autumn light, she is perfectly content.


Mushroom hunting is also an acceptable activity.


As is journal writing…


She likes to cheer up the local sad clown, but she’s just not sure an umbrella will cut it.


When she wants to be alone she will head out into the woods with her teddy. Sometimes the local witches cat will follow her.


Spooky girl is also a keen photographer, hunting out the best photo ops in the neighbourhood.


When she is feeling sad, her frankenbutler knows to secure teddy asap.


and when spooky girl gets guitar tuition from the number one rocker in town, who knows what’s going to happen next!


I’m loving Spooky Girl as a minifigure subject, but her face reflects all the light so badly! Anything anyone wants to see her get up to in the next few weeks?

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