LEGO Monsters (Series 14) minifigures

The new Monster minifigures have finally hit the stores, and they are spooktacular.

I am not providing the bump codes for this set as they were next to impossible to see in the store, and I don’t think they are going to help so much. If you want to find a particular figure, feeling the packet is the tried and tested way to do so. I managed to find all 16, with no duplicates, from a box in about half an hour, so it is more than realistic that you will be able to find them using just the information below.

Wolf Guy

Monsters Monsters

Wolf guy is pretty cool. His head is a single hard plastic piece, and not over a regular head. His head feels slightly like the yeti, but has ears and a snout. He also has a tail piece made of soft rubber. The best way to double check you have the wolf is by feeling for the bone! Hold the larger items on one side of the bag and shake to see if the bone falls loose to an edge. This trick works for many of the smaller accessory items.

The printing on wolf guy is also great – for one thing, they carried the printing to the back of the legs, which has not always been the case for figures (lifeguard, I’m looking at you!)

Zombie Pirate

Monsters Monsters

Yo Ho Ho! It’s a zombie pirate. How cool is that! I really love this guy, complete with peg leg and hook. You’ll be wanting to feel for a set of legs that has that peg, and a top half that comes with a hook. It’s also a good idea to check for the pirate hat and small rubber beard piece. He also comes with a scimitar sword.

Once again, the printing on the front of the pirate is superb. There are some great details with a zombie face with patch, and some great copper highlights for buckles and buttons. Just make sure you scallywags keep them polished!

Monster Scientist

Monsters Monsters

This scientist is kinda like a grown up minion. He comes with a standard head in the packet, which may confuse you. The tall head, hair and goggles comes as a hat type piece that sits on the normal head. You can easily feel this extra part out. The other thing to look for here is the flask, which has a really distinctive shape. So, two heads, and a flask.

There is some rather nice effects on the flask, with some ‘liquid’ inside. The colour matches the splatters on his lab clothes which is good detailing on the part of the designer.

Wacky Witch

Monsters Monsters

The wacky witch is kind of how you would expect small children to dress up as a witch for Halloween. She has several accessories that really make her easy to find. She comes with a cat (feels like a flattish square in the bag) and a broom. I found her based on both of these, but you can also feel for the pointy hat, which comes with hair attached.

Detail wise she has a great purple colour with all your usual witchy patches, as well as the striped tights legs we last saw on Spooky Girl. She is detailed both front and back.

Plant Monster

Monsters Monsters

I can’t decide if I like the plant monster figure. He’s just so very silly. He is however, easy to find based on that huge head piece. It’s really hard to miss. If you are not sure, shake the packet to find the two vines. You can feel the bumps on them to confirm it’s him.

Whilst I’m not sure he doesn’t look like Mum had a complete special moment picking a Halloween costume, the printing is on form and they picked the best face! I love this face. It screams ‘Mum, don’t make me go up to the haunted house for candy!’

According to the LEGO website though, this is a creation of the scientist and the plant enjoys:

Lurking in gardens, bushes, and anywhere else that’s green, the Plant Monster bides its time and then springs out to swallow up passers-by with a gulp and a happy smack of its leafy flytrap mouth.

Fly Monster

Monsters Monsters

This guy is a fly. With a lobster claw. Some sort of mutation, probably cooked up by that crazy scientist dude.

He comes with a fly head – one that is super easy to find based on the antenna. He also comes with wings, although I didn’t feel these in the packet at all, so it’s probably best to focus on the head.

The fly eyes are done really well, out of a clear-ish red plastic that reflect the light. The lobster claw looks really odd and out of place but I guess that may be the point…


*Monsters Monsters

Wooooooo….. Boo! This ghostly chap is one of my favourites. He is kind of like a friendly version of a ring wraith. He has a glow in the dark face too! He (and the Banshee) have a ‘leg’ piece that I haven’t seen before but is apparently from Ninjago. I’m not even sure how to describe feeling it, but you will know it if you feel it.

To work out that you have the spectre and not the banshee, rattle the bag for the chains. The spectre also comes with a felt cloak, but you won’t be able to feel that in the bag (unless you have magic hands!).

*I am aware that the legs are on backwards in this photo. It’s what happens when you let someone else build your minifigures for you!

Zombie Cheerleader

Monsters Monsters

Give me a ‘Z’! Give me some brains… no wait… It’s the zombie cheerleader, and she is a figure you will want to find duplicates of. I am already regretting putting the doubles of her back in the box!

You will be able to find her from her pigtail hair piece and her pom-poms. Give the bag a shake and these are likely to fall to a corner.

Printing wise, she has a great zombie cheerleader outfit on, and the perfect zombie expression of cheerleading joy! Her hair piece actually has a hole in the top for a bow or something, which makes it really sad that the figure did not come with one in that green colour.

I have to share this about her from the LEGO website as it made me laugh:

For a zombie, she has a really upbeat attitude. You’ve got to be extra inspirational when your players’ legs and heads tend to fall off in the middle of a game, which is why she’s also pretty good with duct tape.

Tiger Woman

Monsters Monsters

Tiger Woman is one cool cat. (Sorry. Too much coffee = bad puns). She has some super striped printing on both her body and face, as well as a cute striped tail!

You will be able to find her based on the hair piece with ears, the soft rubber tail and the whip piece, which is made of soft rubber.

She also has a great story on the LEGO website:

You may have seen lion and tiger tamers before, but in the land of monsters, it’s the cats who tame the people! The Tiger Woman is the world’s greatest Minifigure tamer. At the famous Monster Circus, she leads her team of well-trained firefighters, construction workers, and other everyday people in amazing routines of agility and grace – jumping through hoops, balancing on each other’s backs, and sitting up on command.

How cool is that! In a slightly twisted reality kind of way!


Monsters Monsters

The gargoyle is one of my favourites in this series. In a complete stone grey, he (and his pals, once I get some more) will look fabulous haunting my mansion.

You will be able to find this gargoyle as he is the only model with short legs (they don’t move). He also has some solid wings, and a hat type piece with the ears and horns.

Skeleton Guy

Monsters Monsters

Skeleton guy has found himself in monster land, but he has a great costume to protect him. I love the detail here, especially the string behind his mask.

In the packet, he is a standard minifigure with a round pumpkin bucket. The handle is a separate piece. This is likely to fall to one of the corners of the bag if you shake it so you can easily confirm what it is.

Monster Rocker

Monsters Monsters

Monsters love to rock and roll too. And this monster rocker is here to provide!

You can feel out the rocker by feeling for his Frankenstein brow piece, as well as for the guitar. Fair warning: the guitar is tiny and feels really odd in the bag. It has a peg for the figure to hold on the back so is not a flat piece.

Zombie Businessman

Monsters Monsters

This guy is another of the figures you will want a few of! An army of zombie businessman? Perfect!

You will be able to find this figure as he is the only one with the 2×2 flat tile. He also has a briefcase.

Printing wise, they only opted to print on the front which is a shame, but the print detail is awesome, and comes complete with coffee stains. His cracked glasses are also a great addition!

He has some funny back story on the LEGO website:

His co-workers haven’t especially noticed that he’s a zombie yet. His speech may sound a little funny, and he may not be the snappiest of dressers, but he gets his projects finished on time and always turns in the right paperwork and forms. And sure, he may make a bit of a mess when he drinks his daily cup of coffee…but what business-Minifigure doesn’t have a few odd quirks?


Monsters Monsters

The banshee is the other figure with the interesting leg piece, this time coloured in that sea green colour to match her top half. She has some amazing face printing – just look at those tears! Her hair is something else to mention – made out of a clear black plastic to add to the ghostly quality.

You should be able to find her by feeling for that odd base piece and the large hair piece.

Square Foot

Monsters Monsters

This model is a repaint of the yeti from last winter. It’s a good re-paint though as this time he is the more traditional colour of big foot! He comes with a camera as, according to the LEGO website:

The shaggy Square Foot does spend a lot of time out in the wilderness, but that’s because he’s an avid amateur nature photographer who’s always looking for his next great shot.

You should be able to find him from the head piece, which you can just about get a little finger inside, and the camera. Note that the head piece does not have ears like the wolf or tiger models.

Spider Lady

Monsters Monsters

Last, but by no means least, is spider lady. LEGO have done a wonderful job with this model and the printing on her front and her hair is superb. Themed around spiders, she also has a plastic-ish cloak that comes in two pieces. Her face shows she is a vamp lady but one with style!

Spider lady is easy to find as she is the only model in the set with the skirt piece rather than legs. She also has a very round hair piece, and the spider model (Baron von Skitters) to look out for.

I hope this guide helps you find the model you are looking for!

Let me know what your favourite model is in the comments! They are a great bunch this time round with several that will have you wanting to build miniature LEGO armies!

One thought on “LEGO Monsters (Series 14) minifigures

  1. I have in hand right now: Frank Rocker, Zombie Pirate, Zombie Businessman, Fake Minion (2), Witch (2), Werewolf (2), Fly Guy, Plant Dude, Sasquatch and Spectre (2).

    Rather than keep trying to feel and getting more dupes, I ordered the others online through Bricklink. I end up paying 4 bucks more (total) between shipping and markup but at least I’ll be done and not end up with five scientist/minions (like I did with “Space Miner” and “Female Cyclops”: I’m lousy at touch/feel ID!)

    Exception was orgiinallyTiger Lady; she is the most expensive online right now (average is $10!) so I didn’t order her with the rest, but then I got an email last night about someone selling one at almost retail, so I jumped on it 🙂

    Later on, before the next series comes out, I wouldn’t mind getting an extra gargoyle, Spider Woman and Zombie Cheerleader. No worries if I don’t though.

    Now I need to hit bricklink for some bats 🙂

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