Days of Snape – Part four

So we are into Snapes’s last days with us on this photo project now! Not sure what I will do without his entertaining endeavours in the garden!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing his adventures as much as I have enjoyed taking photos of them!

Snape and Batman have a teddy bear catch up in the evening sunshine.
Snape steals some Graze snacks!
Just hanging out on a magical toadstool. As one does.
Evening sunshine be lovely!
Snape goes photographing the spring flowers!
Nothing like some coca cola to while away a Friday afternoon.
Snape wonders what Filch will think of this…

I’ll be back in a few days with the final photos from Snape’s month with us. Going to have to decide on who will be next in the project! I’m leaning towards the bumble bee in honour of Spring finally starting to arrive!

2 thoughts on “Days of Snape – Part four

  1. I have a bumblebee! Not an official Lego one, but still, bumblebee! Love these pics!

    I love Snape but I just can’t justify his cost when I am saving for the next rounds of SuperHeroes sets. I may take this idea and have a vote on what character should be featured in my Photo365 pics for April. It will force me from taking lazy shots at the last minute, I hope 🙂

    1. Awesome! I spent a long time umming over whether to buy Snape. I think he cost £7-8, which is a lot for one figure (I ebay-ed him – my first ebay purchase!)

      You should have a vote – I was indecisive and went with the chicken and the bumblebee in the end! 🙂

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