Days of Snape

March is Snape month on my LEGO 365 and the grumpy professor is already getting down to business. This is Snape’s first week of photoblogging!

Snape collects potions ingredients in the grounds
Boom. Sunlight spells for the win!
Bloody students enjoying the sunshine…
The Weasley twins definitely got into Snapes lab!
Nothing like tea and biscuits to soothe the stress of teaching!
Time to do some gardening and collection of potion ingredients!
66:365 - Craft night
Snape foolishly let himself be taken to craft night!

2 thoughts on “Days of Snape

    1. eBay is your friend! You can get one for under £10 there! 😀 (Which I realise is a lot of money to pay for one figure, but SNAPE!)

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