Swedish LEGOgraphy

Mini me in Sweden
Skiing with a camera can lead to up-side down camera-ness!

So we just spent a week hanging out in snowy Sweden, and of course I had to take a whole bag full of LEGO along to experience the epic amount of snow they were having!

The results of this are below! Hope you enjoy!

Three men on ski’s
Alien surfer
Even the aliens visit Northern Sweden for snow surfing!
Mining team off to work
Steve puts the mining team to work!
Demolition in snow
A little bit of TNT for snow cave building!
Dog sledding, unicorn style!
Gandalf admires the view
Gandalf surveys the land of snow
I like to ride my bicycle
I like to ride my bicycle, even when the snow is so deep I just sink instead!
It’s a yeti on a sled!
Let the snow battle commence!
LEGOlas floats on the snow!
Church legography
A little legography at the pretty church of Piteå
The snow just kept on coming so the yeti had to escape via umbrella!
Dog sledding practice with Angry Kitty!
Hanging out at the airport with coffee and planes

To put a little perspective on the amount of snow, this is where most of these photos were taken:

A little snow perspective
Snow cave and LEGO

3 thoughts on “Swedish LEGOgraphy

  1. I’ve just started collecting minifigures and was reading your excellent guides. Being a Swede, I had to check this section out and what a surprise to recognise the church of my home town! Hope you had a lovely time here. 🙂

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