Small Set Saturday: Valentine’s Day Dinner (Set 40120)

The set: Valentine’s Day Dinner (Set 40120)

The price: RRP £8.49 (0.07p per piece)

Bricks in the bag: 114

Time to build: 20 minutes

Age: 7+


The set comes with standard A5 instructions.

Valentine's Day set

The Minifigures:

Our gentleman is a dashing, suited and booted (but slightly unshaven) chappie, with a smirky face.
Valentine's Day set Valentine's Day set

The lovely lady of the set is dressed for a night out in a frilly purple number. She comes with a cute bob hair cut and a smile to win over hearts.

Valentine's Day set Valentine's Day set

The set:

The set for our evening is a rather cute vignette of a restaurant, complete with curtains, lamps, flowers, as well as a set table (cupcakes for dinner) with wine. The detail in this tiny scene is perfect, although it could use being a few blocks wider for more comfortable dining!

Valentine's Day set

The story:

John, who had been with Jane for sometime in a box in a shop, invited her out to dinner. A posh dinner of course, with cupcakes and wine. He bought the biggest box he could find to hide her surprise gift in.

Valentine's Day set

He helped her sit down in the slightly cramped space

Valentine's Day set

They sat, and smiled, and ate cupcakes and drank wine.

Valentine's Day set

Then, suddenly, John burst forth with the huge present and almost fell over in excitement.

Valentine's Day set

Ta da! A ring! *Squees of surprise*  Jane is super happy and of course says yes! John is relieved so drinks all the wine!

Valentine's Day set

Both now being rather drunk they get up on the table and boogie!

Valentine's Day set

(Yes, I realise I can not tell stories all that well! I’m still a little holiday lagged – photos of LEGO in Sweden to come!)

Overall: This is a cute little set, and I much prefer these vignettes to the character of last year. You get a couple of minifigures and some neat bricks and accessories for your money here. I probably won’t keep this one up for long, but it’s a nice seasonal set to get hold of.

Rating: 8/10

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone. Hope you are doing whatever you want to do today, including eating cupcakes and drinking wine!

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