(Belated) Small set Saturday: LEGO Valentine Teddy Bear (Set 40085)

The set: LEGO Valentine Teddy Bear(Set 40085)

The price: RRP £8.49 (0.06p per piece)

Bricks in the bag: 127

Time to build: 15-20 minutes

Age: 7+


Set 40085

The bear:

Hello, I’m Mr Bear and I’m here to eat hug you. I just want hugs.

And your heart and soul. Mwahhaha.

Set 40085

Actually, once he has his face on, he gets cuter, although he does still creep me out a little!

Set 40085

Check out the bear’s butt – he even has the cute fluffy tail! I think his ears would have been better on ball joints so they could be posed better – they do wiggle, but not enough for my liking.

Set 40085

Overall: I don’t know, something about this bear just creeps me out a little. He is pretty cute though and would make a nice valentine’s day present for a LEGO fan. There’s some good building techniques for making his arms and legs, and the way the heart clips on is nice – you could easily adapt the attachment to something else more suitable to your loved one. All round, a little disappointing for me but maybe someone less freaked out by the bear would like him better!

Rating: 5/10

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