Review: Birds (Set 21301)

The set: Birds (Set 21301)
The price: RRP £39.99
Bricks in the box: 580 (RRP 0.0689p per brick)
Time to build: 95 minutes
Age: 12

What’s in the box:

  • 3 bound A5 instruction manuals
  • 5 bags of bricks
  • Loose green base plate
  • Brick separator

The packaging:

The packaging for this set is lovely. Using the same re-sealable box type as previous ideas sets, this one features a wooden box print with buckles on one side to imitate a chest. The cover matches the instruction manual images, although all three birds are in focus. The ideas logo (this being set #009) is printed in the corner.

The manuals:

There are three manuals, one for each bird. They are A5 in size, bound rather than stapled, and printed on thick, glossy paper. Each comes with an introduction to LEGO ideas, LEGO birds and some information about the bird in that manual. They each feature the same images on the cover, although each one has a different bird center and highlighted. The back covers are all different. Each manual has the parts listing for it’s own bird.

Instruction manual

Instruction manual

Instruction manual 3

The robin:

LEGO Birds

The first build is the robin, in the bags numbered ‘1’. This includes the brick separator so you will want to start here.

LEGO Birds

The robin took me about 35 minutes to build. This build was by far my favourite, possibly because the robin was the bird I was most interested in from the set.

LEGO Birds

From a build perspective, he is quite tricky, and you do have to pay attention to it or you will find yourself reaching for that brick separator early on. This goes for all the birds really. This is not a multi-task build!

This model is put together in 93 tiny steps – a level of breakdown needed owning to the number of small parts in the bird.

In terms of movement, only his tail feathers and legs move. You will want to be careful with his claws though – I almost lost one in the garden whilst posing him!

I do like the design of the robin’s perch. However, I would have preferred it if the technic beam had locked into place. I find the bird leans slightly to one side whilst on display due to the weight.

LEGO Birds

This is one model you will want to keep out on display, but perhaps not in the garden! Your garden robins might get jealous!

The blue Jay:

LEGO Birds

The second bird is the blue jay. This is in the bags marked ‘2’ and is contained in 1 large bag and 1 small bag of bricks. He’s quite a big bird, although I’m not sure how much different in piece count there is to the robin.

The blue jay took 40 minutes to build through 95 steps in the instruction manual.

LEGO Birds

The blue jay has a lovely colour palette, and I do like the sky blue used. His claws are different to the robins in that there are not separate claws, but rather some more technic work.

Both the tail and the wings move to a certain degree, although, the wings move more on pivot points. This means you can ‘ruffle his feathers’ if you like!

Again, the weight of the bird isn’t quite supported by the beam in the round holes and he leans somewhat drunkenly to one side!

LEGO Birds

The Hummingbird:

LEGO Birds

The final bird is the hummingbird. This is contained in the bag marked ‘3’ and is built on the loose green base plate.

The hummingbird took about 20 minutes to build in 48 steps. This shows you the lesser detail put into this model. I feel that this model isn’t quite as nice as the others in the set, although from the front doesn’t look too bad and is rather sweet.

LEGO Birds

The back of the hummingbird is another matter though and feels very unfinished. The use of two large bricks spoils it for me as the detail in all the other models was across the whole bird.

The hummingbird is secured to the stand using a clear pole piece so the bird flutters on the stand. This is very effective for the small, lightweight bird and is much more secure than the attachments for the other two birds.

LEGO Birds

The flower is a nice addition, and is definately needed to boost the third model. It’s quite simple in it’s design but looks brilliant. The yellow is a nice contrast to the green hummingbird.

LEGO Birds

Spare parts:

You get a handful of spare parts with this set.



Wow. Just wow. A beautiful, wondrous set, which surpassed my expectations.

It’s a set of three beautiful display pieces that will surely sit on any LEGO or bird enthusiast’s mantlepiece for some time. The detail put into them and the way they are put together make me hope that more birds will come. The printed latin name plates are just the icing on the cake in terms of their display nature.

They are however, not perfect. The back of the hummingbird feels a little un-thought-out compared to the other parts of the set. Also, I would have preferred it if the stands were less wobbly and were clicked into place rather than sit loose. I think this would be relatively easy to improve, and would hopefully get rid of the leaning birds!.

Rating: 9.5/10

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