Small-Set review: Flower Cart (Set 41040)

Flower cart and owner

The set: Flower Cart (Set 41040)

The price: Free with £50 spend from LEGO (January 2015)

Bricks in the bag: 71

Time to build: 10 – 15 minutes

Age: 7+



The instructions are a small, folded leaflet.

The cart:

The cart is bright and colourful, although I had a bit of trouble getting the roof on without making the flowers ping off! I’m sure there is a knack to this, I just didn’t have it!

Flower cart 3

At the back of the cart is some cookies in a barrel. Don’t get me started on the barrel of cookies….

Flower cart 1

The flower seller is conscientious enough to bring is own shovel and broom! Keeping the neighbourhood tidy!

Flower cart 2

The Flower Seller:

The flower seller is a yellow faced smiley chappie, with a very basic traditional LEGO face and those green overalls that seem to pop up in every set going! He also comes with a bucket!

Flower cart owner front
Flower cart owner back


I like the idea of this cart, and I like the idea of having multiples selling different things. However, the fact that the flowers pop off all the time, and adding the roof can destroy your flowers, kind of annoyed me during the build process. I also just don’t get the cookies. Why would there be cookies under a flower cart? Can someone explain this to me? Is this a thing?

But yes, quite a cute poly-bag and worth getting hold of one (or two) to add to your LEGO towns!!

Why are there COOKIES?

Rating: 7/10

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