Review: The Farm (Set 21114)

Flower time

The set: The Farm (Set 21114)
The price: RRP £24.99 (0.095p per brick)
Bricks in the box: 262
Time to build: 40 minutes
Age: 8+

What’s in the box:

– 1 A5 landscape instruction manual
– 1 green square base plate
– 1 green and 1 blue, half base plate
– 2 medium bags

What LEGO says about the set:

Secure your survival with LEGO® Minecraft™ The Farm, with crops, shovel, crafting table, pumpkin helmet, Steve, skeleton, cow and a sheep.

The Minifigures


First up we have a basic Steve model, complete with shovel. The figure is a basic minifigure mold, except for the square head. I didn’t like the square heads to start with, but they have grown on me and I actually think they add an awful lot to the set!

The Farm The Farm


The skeleton features what I think is the classic skeleton body with the new square head. He comes armed with a pixelated bow!

The Farm The Farm


Apart from the head, the sheep is a brick built model. Its well put together and very sweet! I could use a few of these to build a full on farm!

The Farm


Moo. Same style build as the sheep, also awesome. Great use of some brick patterning to create a spotty cow. I also love the udder addition!

The Farm

Uh oh Steve, don’t leave that gate open too long, they might make a run for it!

The Farm

The Farm:

The full farm is made up of two main areas, the water/tree area and the farm area. It’s a simple set and the world is easy to set up.

The Farm

How the plates are lifted and joined is very interesting. This plate build style is used across the Minecraft sets, which makes them very easy to swap about and make new worlds. You could also easily create multi-level worlds using this technique.

The Farm

The farm is full of little details from the game. I’ll take you through some of them below. Needless to say, this set is a great starting set for any Minecraft fan!

Can’t forget the all important torches to protect Steve from the bad guys at night!

The Farm

You can find interesting variety of plants growing in Steve’s farm, including Pumpkin heads!

The Farm

Transparent blue bricks make for a great waterfall and river.

The Farm

Quick Steve, rebuild the land to save yourself from the skeleton!

The Farm

Time to dig those vegetables!

The Farm

Let Steve take a cooling swim in the river to relax after a hard day on the farm!

The Farm

Ohh, be a pumpkin head for safety! Don’t loose your regular head mind!

The Farm

Flee to other realms on sheep-back!

Escape from the Farm


You get a few spares here, although not masses! Enough to plant some more veggies though!

The Farm

This is a small set that, whilst quite expensive, does provide a great first Minecraft set as it sets out the basics of a Minecraft world! It doesn’t take particularly long to build but you could quite easily change the set around to build anything else, as well as combine it with any number of the other Minecraft LEGO sets to build a whole world! You get two minifigs and two brick build animals, which is fab. It’s a little boring to build though as it’s so simple. Will be interesting to rebuild into something more substantial with the other sets

Rating: 7/10

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