Small Set Saturday: Christmas Tree Stand (Set 40082) and Christmas Tree Truck (Set 40083))

The sets: Christmas Tree Stand (Set 40082) and Christmas Tree Truck (Set 40083)
The price: Free with qualifying purchase (Winter 2013)
Bricks in the box: 115/118 pieces
Time to build: 15-20 minutes
Age: 6+/7+

Both instruction manuals are small and folded in half.

Winter 2013 sets!

The Tree stand:

The tree stand includes three trees, and a small hut. Accessories include a mug, a broom, axe and a couple of money bills. The detail on the hut is quite nice, with flowers and lights on the front, as well as the cute little window shutters.

Winter 2013 sets!

This set includes two minifigures, the tree seller and a customer.

The male figure comes with the green dungarees that are often in winter sets, as well as a baseball cap piece in a shape I hadn’t seen before. He comes with a basic face. He makes a good addition to any winter village set ups around.

Winter 2013 sets!

The female figure comes with a beanie hat and scarf but is also a standard female figure, with a torso that is used a lot in the creator sets (LEGO really need to update the wardrobe!).

Winter 2013 sets!

The Truck:

The truck is a good, solid build which features a flat bed back with opening hinged flap, suitable for getting the tree in and out. There’s also a trolley for carting those trees around.

Winter 2013 sets!

The minifigure in this set is an older, bearded faced man, in blue dungarees. Interestingly the detail on the dungarees includes a piece of corn – not particularly wintery!

Winter 2013 sets!

Time to load up the truck!

Winter 2013 sets!

These sets came free on a qualifying spend in 2013. (I got given them earlier this year.) They are not sets that take long to build, but they do add a bit of character to your winter LEGO displays. The truck would probably go down well with kids to play with, but there is not much play value with the stand itself. It looks pretty though and could be re-purposed into other seasonal huts (lemonade stand perhaps).

Rating: 7/10


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