Review: Winter Village Cottage (Set 10229)

Happy Christmas Eve! As a special Christmas treat I finally bring you the Winter Village Cottage review!

The set: Winter Village Cottage (Set 10229)

The price: RRP £89.99 (I got mine for £44.99 from John Lewis sale)

Bricks in the box: 1490 (6p per brick at RRP; 3p per brick on sale)

Time to build: About 4-6 hours (I actually neglected to time the build, but I would think it would take most builders this amount of time).

Age: 12+

The packaging:

The packaging for this set is a large box with pictures of the completed model on the front and back. The instructions are packaged against cardboard and the LEGO is in numbered poly bags.

What’s in the box:

– 4 small plates for the cottage base
– A brick separator
– 2 A4 instruction manuals

Winter cottage manuals
– Set of stickers (although I lost these somewhere on my desk during the build! Whoops!)Winter Cottage stickers
– Bags of bricks, numbered.

  • 1 – 1 large bag, 3 small bags, 2 tiny bags
  • 2 – 1 huge bag, 1 large bag, 3 medium bags, 2 small bags, one tiny bag
  • 3 – 3 big bags, 1 medium bag, 1 tiny bag

The minifigures:

This set comes with 8 minifigures. We’ll look at them all below:

Truck driver:

This figure is familiar in winter sets, with the green dungarees. His face is one sided. He comes with a beanie hat.

Winter cottage review Winter cottage review

Girl Skier:

This little girl comes with a winter top and scarf print. She has the freckle face print and short legs.

Winter cottage review Winter cottage review

Daddy dearest:

Plaid shirt, red baseball cap. Would have been great if his shirt was printed on both sides!

Winter cottage review Winter cottage review

Boy Skier:

This boy sensibly has a helmet on for his skiing. He comes wearing a front and back printed zip ski jacket.

Winter cottage review Winter cottage review


Gramps has a double sided face (although they are very similar) and has a fabulous moustache. He comes with a basic jumper and black legs.

Winter cottage review Winter cottage review

Mummy dearest:

Looking fancy for the winter season Mummy dearest comes with a printed jacket and pink scarf.

Winter cottage review Winter cottage review

Happy boy:

This kiddo is super excited for the winter! He has a fantastic puffy jacket print on his torso! He has a sad face on the other side!

Winter cottage review Winter cottage review


Auntie here has a fantastic stylish haircut and a very detailed corset top.

Winter cottage review Winter cottage review

The igloo:

The igloo is kind of a small extra in this set. It doesn’t add much, but it helps complete the wintery feel of the set.

Winter cottage review

It’s a cute little build, one that kiddies could help with, featuring an owl to perch on top (and act as a handle for removing the roof!)

Winter cottage review

It’s a little odd having a stove in an igloo right?

Winter cottage review

The snowplough:

The snowplough is pretty awesome. The plough part itself is prone to falling of, but the rest of the truck is reasonably secure and provides great play value for kids! I only wish we had snow so I could give it a go!

Winter cottage review

There’s lots of moving bits, like the mirrors and the door.

Winter cottage review

Mud flaps are another nice detail here!

Winter cottage review

Winter cottage review

The sled:

The set also includes a tiny sled for carrying your winter supplies back home. It’s well designed, and uses the shovel piece as gliders.

Winter cottage review

The tool shed:

The front of the tool shed features stacks of logs, ready for the fire. It’s kind of like a tiny version of the cottage, using hinges on the roof like the bigger one. Another model for any kids around to help out with!

Winter cottage review

The rear of the tool shed is where the tools are kept. It would have been nice if this had been an enclosed shed with a door, but the detail in the tiny build is excellent and adds great character to the set as a whole. It’s quite hard to get big fat fingers in to put the tools in place, so remember to do this as you build!

Winter cottage review

Winter cottage review

The cottage:

The cottage itself is wonderfully detailed, inside and out. Some of the best outside detail comes from the lamp post,  the fairy lights and those wonderful wooden beams in the build!

Winter cottage review

Lots of traditional Christmas decorations over the windows too!

Winter cottage review

This side of the cottage has the chimney and button for the light in the fire.

Winter cottage review

Winter cottage review

The kitchen has some fantastic detail – more so than many creator buildings – with a cooker, cupboards and some lovely green surfaces. The floor tiling is incredibly fiddly and time consuming but well worth the effort. It would have been useful to have a couple of regular 1×1 stud tiles in there to allow mini-figures to be secured, but that’s an easy to change issue!

Winter cottage review

Winter cottage review

The cottage even comes with a kitty cat to attack the tree with!

Winter cottage review

The child’s bedroom is upstairs, although there is no actual way to get up there. It’s full of toys and presents! and a tiny little bed and bedside cabinet.

Winter cottage review

Gramps gets a great armchair in front of the fire to hide out and read the paper.

This fireplace is magical – it’s brilliantly designed and adds some great ambiance. I would love to see any versions of this build where other lights have been added as well though (perhaps to the chandelier and the fairy lights). It would also be nice if you could leave the fireplace on – this model is great for festive displays so would be nice to have lit up next to the tree!

Winter cottage review

Winter cottage review


There were a lot of small parts in this build which is reflected in the number of spares. Not in this picture (because it’s misplaced on the mess of my desk, is a spare string for the fairy lights. An excellent chance to add more lights to this or other builds!)

Winter cottage review


This set is probably one of the most detailed I have seen. Inside and out it features an impressive array of furniture and detail, from the inbuilt kitchen cabinets to the chandelier to the chequered floor, each part is perfect.

Having it open at the back allows it to be displayed both ways around, with no loss of interest. A part of me wonders if it would be possible to extend this cottage and create a more detailed family home.

I would suggest that parts of this build are too advanced for young children, but there are lots of extras that make up the scene that would be great for children to build whilst adults focus on the main cottage.

It’s got some nice play value though with the fireplace light and the snowplough but it will also look great displayed as a festive centrepiece!

Rating: 10/10

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