Mini review: Christmas Ornaments

LEGO ribbon

The price: £6.99
Time to build: 5-10 minutes
What’s in the box: The bricks are in a small bag within the bauble, along with small, folded instructions. The baubles are hung on a LEGO patterned ribbon. The models sit on a base that slides into the bauble. There’s also a card showing the finished model for display purposes.


Christmas Snow Hut Ornament (Set 850949)

Bricks in the box: 45
Age: 7+
Winter cottage bauble

This bauble features a small snow hut, complete with ice cream chimney smoke and a tiny tree! It’s an adorable micro-build house – definitely my favourite of the three baubles I built! Totally awesomely designed hut!

Christmas Cat Ornament (Set 850950)

Bricks in the box: 34
Age: 7+

Kitty Bauble

This cute kitty cat isn’t quite as Christmassy as the other models, but it’s a cute little build. Good use of leavers make some great whiskers! She’ll look sweet hanging on your tree.

Reindeer Ornament (Set 850852)

Bricks in the box: 21
Age: 6+

Reindeer bauble

The reindeer bauble is a nice little model, which is well thought out for being on such a small scale – particularly the antlers, although you have to position them further back than you might like to fit it in the bauble!

Overall: The baubles were not something I had considered buying before, but now I’ve built a few, I think I would certainly buy some more. They are well put together, and look great on my tree.  I would love to see build your own mini-figure baubles so you could create your family in little snowy worlds though! That would be cool!

Rating: 9/10

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