LEGO in Berlin

Some of my mini-figures took a trip to Berlin recently!

Waiting for the plane!

Captain stormy has found the plane!

Got to be safe on board! Stormy checks out the manual for the plane!

Reading the safety manual on the plane

Ohh, window seat!

And we've made it on board! See you on the other side!

Taking a chance to read the latest Blocks magazine.

Reading blocks magazine in the plane

Our first day in Berlin and it’s time to check out the sites!

Potsdamer Platz

Stormy at Potsdamer Platz

Brandenburg Gate

Stormy at the Brandenburg Gate

Halloween at Museum Isle

Halloween family outing in Berlin!

Zombie Emmet plans a one zombie take over of the city!

Zombie Emmet invasion

Mini-me on some bridge!

Mini me on Museum Isle

Benny at the TV Tower!

Spaceman at the TV tower

Mini-Lizzi at the Golden Lizzie Statue!

Mini me!

Checking the map!


I like to ride my bicycle!

I like to ride in Berlin!

At the photomat booth!

In the photobooth!

In a beer garden!

German love

Pretzal time!

When in Germany, eat bretzals!

More pretzals!

Pretzal time

And back to the beer garden!

Stormy photo op!

And back to reality at the luggage belts!

Waiting for our luggage!

And home to bed!

Mini lego me takes a nap after all the travel excitement!

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