Review: Haunted House (Set 10228)

The set: Haunted House

The price: RRP £149.99 (0.0726p per brick)

Bricks in the box: 2064

Time to build: 67 hours over a week

Age: 14+

The packaging:

The packaging for the model is a large box, stuck down with tape, with a flap seal on the end so you can seal the box up.

Haunted Mansion review photos

Haunted Mansion review photos

What’s in the box:

Haunted Mansion - all the bags

– 3 instruction manuals

Haunted Mansion instructions

– 1 sticker sheet

Haunted Mansion stickers

– 5 base plates

Haunted Mansion base plates

– 1 brick separator

– Lot of bags of bricks – numbered!

1: 1 large bag, 1 small bag

Haunted Mansion review photos

2: 4 large bag, 1 medium bag, 1 small bag, 1 tiny bag

Haunted Mansion review photos

Haunted Mansion review photos

3: 1 large bag, 1 Medium bag, 1 smaller medium bag, 1 teeny tiny bag

Haunted Mansion review photos

Haunted Mansion review photos

4: 1 large bag, 2 medium bags, 2 small bags, 1 tiny bag

Haunted Mansion review photos

Haunted Mansion review photos

5: 1 large bag

Haunted Mansion review photos

The minifigures:

Glow-in-the-dark ghosts (x2)

These ghosts are pretty spooky guys. Wooooooo…..

Haunted Mansion - ghost pair!

Underneath they are made up of a black head, a fully white torso and two brick pieces.

Haunted Mansion review photos

Sometimes they struggle when getting dressed in the morning! That sheet is just a little too spooky somedays.

Haunted Mansion review photos


The Master of the house, Dracula himself, comes complete with an epic printed waistcoat, frilly collar and (a very tricky to attach) cloak!

Haunted Mansion review photos

He really is your perfect vampire house owner!

Haunted Mansion review photos

His cloak is swooshy!

Haunted Mansion review photos

Vampyre’s Bride

On a good day, the Vamprye’s bride is lovely, relaxed and friendly.

Haunted Mansion review photos

But meet her on a bad day and she will go crazy face on you!

Haunted Mansion review photos

Her dress is blood red, torn and has  fantastic detail, both on the front and back (at the top – they missed off back of the skirt detail for whatever reason.)

Without her hair, she is kinda freaky. Let’s add some hair.

Haunted Mansion review photos

Oh. Not sure that’s any less creepy!

Haunted Mansion review photos

Zombie chef

To cook up the, err, delightful meals, in the house is zombie chef. I love zombie chef – from his neat white hat to his blood tomato, stained clothes, he is the perfect character for this set!

Haunted Mansion review photos

Haunted Mansion review photos


Frankenstein’s Monster is the man in charge of the house, getting the floors clean and keeping out any unwanted humans.

Haunted Mansion review photos

Again, he is well printed, with a waistcoat and bow tie.

Haunted Mansion review photos

The build:

Stage 1:

Haunted Mansion Stage 1

So we start the build by creating the figures and the accessories for the house. I think this was an oversight in planning this set as it would have broken up the house build to have these figures and accessories scattered throughout the process.

Haunted Mansion buttling

That aside, some of the awesome parts of this build are here! We get some general household furniture, but we do get a super gramophone, some samples in jars, spare records, cobwebs and some family portraits. Some of these items require stickers, which is a fiddly pain, and considering how much this set costs, is disappointing.

Haunted Mansion - kitchen sink

Time: Sorting – none required. Building – 1hr 10 minutes

Stage 2:

Haunted Mansion - Stage 2

Stage 2 is where we get started with the house. The bags here build the first level of the house, including the porch. You start by building up the floor as the house sits up from the base plates a little.

Haunted Mansion - Ground floor

As this house features a great doll house style opening, we get to build in some hinges. What would be great is if the fireplace locked the house open, and then if there was a latch in the middle when it shuts so it catches shut. (For example, like in the Bike shop and cafe set)

Haunted Mansion - Stage 1 front

With this level of the house you begin to realise the sheer task ahead, especially as you build window after bloomin’ window! These quickly become a little boring!

Haunted Mansion - Stage 2, rear

A note here: Not all the windows have panes. I thought I had been skimped on them for a while. Until I spent ten minutes looking for them and then realising that it’s a decaying old house and missing windows are par the course!

Haunted Mansion - Stage 1, side

You also get to have the ‘fun’ of attaching clear stickers to clear window panes. I would suggest you break out some tweezers – I didn’t and some of my stickers have unfortunate finger prints on them! Ooops!

Haunted Mansion - Stage 1, side

Time: Sorting – 20 minutes. Building – 1hr 10 minutes

Stage 3:

Moving over to instruction book two, we continue building up the house, with floor number 2!

Here we get the master bedroom and the study area.

Haunted Mansion - Stage 3, front

Prepare yourself for yet more windows!

Haunted Mansion - Darn windows!

This stage of the building gets a bit hairy as for some time the walls are not actually very secure – be careful when you are adding bits to them!

There’s nothing spectacular on this bit of the build, it’s adding walls and windows, which does get rather same-y after a while!

Haunted Mansion - Stage 3, side

I still look at the chimney with building awe – it’s spectacularly well put together and looks fantastic!

Haunted Mansion - Stage 3, rear

Time: Sorting – 15 minutes. Building – 1 hr 5 minutes

Stage 4:

Stage 4 sees us build the top floor attic for the house. This is an interesting point in the build, as the way the roof slopes are put together on the inside is quite interesting build wise.

Haunted Mansion - Stage 4, Inside

We also get to build the loft ladder. This is quite an awesome bit of design too, making use of fence/bannister pieces.

The ladder:

Why do LEGO not print all the studs on the top of this brick piece in instruction manuals? – I’ve seen this on some other builds too!

Haunted Mansion - missing bobbles

My one let down on this ladder is that it doesn’t seem completely finished. Would another two grey pieces either end caused a problem?

Haunted Mansion - ladder

There are some great historic items to be found in the roof of a Haunted Mansion.

Haunted Mansion - Junk room

Be warned when building this that the roof slats need lining carefully and it can be easy to misalign them. Especially if you are sat down to make this – you may have to stand up!

At the end of this stage, the house is looking pretty complete – just the turret to add!

Haunted Mansion - Stage 4, front

Wouldn’t you want to live here?

Haunted Mansion - Stage 4, side

Time: Sorting – 20 minutes Building – 1hr 20 minutes

Stage 5:


The last stage is quite a small stage, with just the turret on top of the house and the front gate to go!


At the gate

It would have been great if there had been a base plate for everything to sit on at the end though. I recommend getting one of the large grey base plates to sit this on once you are done, especially if you are gong to make it a centre piece for Halloween.

Time: Sorting – 5 minutes. Building – 15 minutes

The inside:

The inside of the house is spooky spooky! Creepy accessories and dingy windows make for a great set up here.

I won’t go into all the details here as finding them all out is part of the fun of building this model, but take a look at the rooms below. There’s something for everyone to enjoy or be grossed out by!!

Too much to drink!

Drinky time

The Ghosts know how to party!

Stormtrooper September #25


Considering the size of the set, there’s not a huge amount of spare bits. Having not built a model of this size though, I’m not sure if this is average or not.

Haunted Mansion - Spares


Stormtrooper September #22

I love this house. I was indecisive on buying it for a long time, but it is spectacularly awesome. There were points in the build when it felt very repetitive, but on the whole it was fun to put together. I didn’t buy this for build experience though. I brought it for photographing and displaying over the Halloween/autumn season. It’s a great display piece that will come out year after year in our house now.

Outside of us adults having this model, if you want to spoil your kids, they will love it. It is a very playable set, with the building opening up like a dolls house so you can see all the floors and play Haunted House! The detail of extras put into the set is great, with creepy spiders, portraits, old top hats and more, scattered about the place.

The building itself is packed full of decorative elements to make this set what it is – peeling paint showing the brown bricks, floorboards half up, zombie heads in the porch, empty window panes and wooden boards – all these things make a perfect Haunted House to freak out your minitown residents!

It looks like this set will be retired soon, so if you see it in stock on, I really recommend snapping one up!

Rating: 11/10

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