Review: Halloween Bat (Set 40090)

Halloween is a-coming!

The set: Halloween Bat (Set 40090)

The price:  £8.49 (5.4p per brick)

Bricks in the box: 156

Time to build: 10-20 minutes

Age: 7+



The build:

The build for this model is straightforward and results in a reasonably sturdy model that is completely playable with. As long as you don’t throw it on the floor… Whoops.

The bat turns out nice and smooth on the outside, except on the wings, so he looks great too.

Halloween Bat

There is some good articulation in his feet, ears and wings which means you can pose him. It would have been nice to see a movable head though, akin to some of the Mixels.

Halloween Bat

The bat comes with a small pumpkin that he can hang onto.

Halloween Bat

You can also make him look like he’s hugging himself! So cute!

Halloween Bat


This is a great little seasonal model to bring out once a year at Halloween. He’s cute and not at all scary, and will look great by himself or with some others in a little mantelpiece colony! He’s a fairly easy build and the kids would get on great with it!

Rating: 9/10

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