Review: Halloween Accessory Set (Set 850487)

When shall we three meet again?

The set: Halloween Accessory Set

The price:  RRP £9.99 (17.224p per brick)

Bricks in the box: 58

Time to build: 5-10 minutes (Minifigures come pre-built)

Age: 6+

The packaging:

The box itself is plastic and re-usable. It’s good to keep it in one piece so you can re-use it for storage (especially if you are bringing them out for Halloween!)

DSC_1573  DSC_1572

The instructions are a single sheet of folded paper.


What’s in the box:

This set contains three pre-built minifigures, a tomb stone and various small creepy critters.

First up we have the zombie. This chap comes with a destroyed suit and briefcase. I’m not sure why he comes with a radio but there you go! The detail of the zombie is really nice and he’ll make a great addition to any zombie army!


Our witchy friend comes with a skirt piece, with some fabulous detail. Check out that spell book! She also has her witch hat and broom to complete the look.


Boo! A ghost in chains, and a glow in the dark one to boot, is our last figure. He comes with a black head piece to give him the spooky shadowy face!


The tomb stone is a very straightforward build. It adds a nice element to my Haunted House scene for Halloween.

Tomb stone


Let’s be honest here. If your buying this set, it’s for the minifigures. Which are awesome! The tomb stone, whilst cool, is nothing particularly amazing build wise and not really worth the cost of the set. If you have any of the other Monster Fighter stuff, it’s worth picking this one up for some extra characters and decor!

Rating: 7/10

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