Review: Creator Treehouse (Set 31010)

The set: Creator Treehouse (Set 31010)

The price: £24.99

Bricks in the box: 356 (Cost per brick: 7p)

Time to build: 30-40 minutes or so for each of the three models, depending on age/building experience.

Age: 7-12 years

What’s in the box:

The set contains the three instruction manuals (folded), two plates loose in the box and 6 poly-bags of parts.

Creator Tree House

Creator Tree House

Creator Tree House

The mini-figure:

This little freckle faced boy is fairly plain, but he does love his treehouse!

Creator Tree House

And what boy would be without his dog! This is a great little brick build model! Very cute!

Creator Tree House

Tree house:

The main draw of this set is of course the treehouse. It’s a great build that has some wonderful features.

Creator Tree House

A bucket to collect water from the lake can be pulled up and down using the pulley system.

Creator Tree House

Our little boy can use his telescope to watch out for any encroaching invaders. He can also dump water over them using the red tip box on the side.

Creator Tree House

Inside the house is a little bed for overnight camps, as well as a little loft area.

Creator Tree House

Another great feature of this set is the treasure map hidden under the tree.

Creator Tree House

Looks like Gandalf has been by to hide his map!

Creator Tree House

In all the tree house is a simple build but with plenty of cool features to keep you interested and for later play! Kids will love it! It’s well thought out design and for the price, is packed with details that make for an awesome set.

Lake House:

What the lake house lacks in size, it more than makes up for in cuteness!

Creator Tree House

Behind the house is a tree. You can see here that the lake house is built on stilts – flood protection!

Creator Tree House

If you lift off the roof, you’ll find a small house, complete with an oven to cook the pizza – very important! This and the map on the wall give this tiny room some character.

Creator Tree House

I didn’t think the other builds of this set were going to be great, but this one surprised me with how sweet it was. The builders obviously but some care into the design and what was going on inside to make it more interesting!


Last up we have the barn, set in a garden. We see more of the great crazy paving path. This time we get a bigger cart, ready to load up and drag around the garden! The pulley system is back, ready to load up the loft!

Creator Tree House

The barn features a loft areas with a box of goodies (like the map!) although I think our little adventurer may struggle to get up into it!

Creator Tree House

I really like this set and I think it does some great stuff for a good price. The treehouse model is the most detailed and has the most play features, but the other two builds give less experienced builders a great start! They each have their own features that make them fun to build!I would strongly recommend getting hold of this set and getting your treehouse up and running! You could even build an extension for it if you were feeling really adventurous with your bricks!

Rating: 8/10

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