Series 12 Minifigures

It’s that time again! Series 12 minifigs are starting to be seen in the wild so let the great Minifigure hunt begin!

The Figures

This set of figures is pretty awesome. I would say there is something here to please all collectors! I’ve given some tips below on how to feel them out in the packets. I’ve also provided the bump codes at the end of the post for those who want them.

There are some more photos up on my Flickr account if you want to see these guys out and about!

1. Wizard

Wizard Series 12 Minifigures

What a wizard Wizard! This gentleman features some wizard (sorry, I’ll stop now) printing in his front, hat and cloak. He comes with a skirt piece which makes him easy to find, but make sure you confirm it’s him and not the princess by checking for the two staff pieces! (I didn’t do this and ended up with two wizards and no princesses to rescue!!)

2. Hun Warrior

Series 12: Hun warrior Series 12: Hun warrior

This traditional warrior comes with a sword, a shield and a hat with hair. Note: The points of the hat come separately!  Hopefully you can find him with those items! He also comes with his ragged cloak made of a more fabricy material than the usual stiff cloaks.

3. Fairytale Princess

Series 12: Fairytale Princess Series 12: Fairytale Princess

The princess of the piece comes with a skirt piece of course, as well as her froggy pal. The frog may be hard to find in the packet so look out for her pointy hat with hair attached. If it doesn’t have the hair, it’s probably the wizard!

This figure comes with a great second face for smooching her frog!


4. Video Game Guy

Video Gamer Series 12 Minifigures

Video Game Guy features some great printing on his jeans (with a USB pen attached to a chain!) and his top. He also features some nice nerdy glasses. To find him, look out for the 1×2 tile and the headphones on his hair piece.

5. Battle Goddess

Series 12: Battle Goddess Series 12: Battle Goddess

The Goddess comes with a spear and a round shield (both of these are the same as the warrior woman from series 10). She has a roman style hat with her hair attached. She also has a fabric skirt that is similar to the ice skaters.

6. Space Miner

Space Miner Series 12 Minifigures

The Space Miner has a pretty bulky packet so he’s not too hard to find thanks to his chest piece. Look out for the helmet and gun (in two pieces) to check it’s him. When you find him, look at that space logo on his arm! It’s a very nice touch!

7. Lifeguard

Lifeguard Series 12 Minifigures

The Hoff is a standard figure with just some binoculars and a life-board. Both of these are quite small so you may have to keep feeling the packet to find them. His printing is pretty cool on the front, with red shorts and a manly six pack. Turn him around though and it looks like he’s running around saving people in his skimpy underpants. Whoops!

8. Prospector

Prospector  Series 12 Minifigures

The prospector has an axe and an odd shaped hat. Don’t mix this up with the swashbuckler’s hat though. His toothy grin is well matched with his battered appearance. Hope he finds some gold soon – he’s going to need a new hat.

9. Jester

Series 12: Jester Series 12: Jester

The Jester is the only character here with two 1×2 pieces (his cards) so if you can find those, you’ve probably got him. Also look out for the more obvious shape of his hat with two points!

10. Dino Tracker

Series 12: Dino Tracker Series 12: Dino Tracker

The Dino Tracker women (who comes across as a little Hunger Games-esque) is pretty tough looking. She’s got a bow piece and an injection. The injection is going to be fairly small, but you should be able to feel out for the bow. Her hair is the same as the genie girl – long and straight.

11. Pizza Delivery Man

Pizza Delivery Guy Series 12 Minifigures

This freckly faced braces teenager is fairly easy to find with his round pizza piece and the 2×2 pizza box. You can also look out for his hat.

12. Rock Star

Rock Star Series 12 Minifigures

Rock out with this fantastically printed dude. He has a huge hair piece and a guitar that makes him noticeable in his packet.

13. Swashbuckler

Swashbuckler Series 12 Minifigures

Swashbuckle this swash by looking out for the pointy end of the sword and his hat. Confirm it’s him and not the prospector by making sure there is no axe.

14. Piggy Guy

Piggy Guy Series 12 Minifigures

Piggy Guy! Piggy Guy! How awesome you are! Look out for his head piece with the ears and his apple. Make sure you get a couple of these if you find them – you will want them all over your house!

15. Genie Girl

Genie Girl Series 12 Minifigures

Genie girl can be found by her long straight hair piece and her lamp. Her leg piece wasn’t as distinctive as I thought it would be, but you should be able to spot it.

16. Spooky Girl

Spooky Girl Series 12 Minifigures

Spooky goth girl is a super figure. She comes with a black and white teddy bear and a soft squidgy hair piece. She also has a skirt piece. Her printing is lovely, with some striped tights and a spider on her cardie.

The Dot Codes

Please be aware that dot codes are unreliable and might differ from those below so you should always feel the packet to work out what is inside! I can’t stress this enough!

Dot codes will offer a quick comparison only and different countries seem to have different codes. Those below are from the UK. The only oddity I noticed is that my codes for the Piggy Guy and Spooky Girl are almost identical!

Minifigure bump codes

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