Review: Mixel Wiztastics (41524/41525/41526)

The sets:

Wiztastic Mesmo (41524)

Wiztastic Magnifo (41525)

Wiztastic Wizwuz (41526)

The price: £2.99 a bag

Bricks in the bag:

Mesmo: 64 pieces (0.05p a brick)

Magnifo: 61 pieces (0.05p a brick)

Wizwuz: 70 pieces (0.04p a brick)

Time to build: 5-10 minutes each; maybe a little more for younger builders.

Age: 6+

What’s in the bag:

Each bag contains a bag of parts, and an instruction manual folded in half. The manuals match the cover packaging.

Wiztastic Mixels

Wiztastic Mixels

Wiztastic Mixels


Wiztastic Mixels


A traveling magic troupe, the Wiztastics tribe is known for putting on the most spectacular shows in the land! MESMO certainly looks the part with … a magic tail that drops spells. The only problem is that this magician’s assistant lacks showmanship.

Wiztastic Mixels

This guy is pretty awesome! The colour of the Wiztastics is a fabulous bright purple, and this guys wings are superb! I also adore his hat eyelids (I guess this was why there were a lot of wizard hats in the LEGO store recently)! And check out that moustache and stubby tale!

In build style, he is kind of like Flurr from season 2, albeit with a different head style. His hat eyelids are pretty prone to falling off, although the rest of him seems pretty stable.

Wiztastic Mixels!



MAGNIFO is the smartest and most serious of the Wiztastics[.]… This one-eyed creature with a wizard’s hat and cape plus 2 magic wands puts loads of energy into every show with the help of his bumbling assistants.

Wiztastic Mixels

This gentleman is like the Gandalf of the Wiztastics. He comes complete with a kind of a pointy hat and two wands with which to do his magic.

Build wise he is pretty straighforward, and is pretty un-flexible to pose. His hat has an unbecoming tendency to fall right off!

Wiztastic Mixels!



Whether burping spells or hanging from the ceiling, WIZWUZ simply loves to perform and is sure to have the audience laughing their heads off!

Wiztastic Mixels

Half-crab, half-scorpion, this guy is cute in a bizarre kind of way. His eyes provide him with an excitable puppy look that could soften even the hardest magic show attendee.

Build wise, he is quite fiddly, what with all the legs – and these things just keep detaching themselves. Perhaps that’s part of his bag of tricks?

Wiztastic Mixels!

The Max:

The instructions can be found over at LEGO.COM.

Wiztastic Mixels

As Max’s go, this one is pretty cool, although his legs don’t quite support the build – perhaps adding proper feet would help keep him a little more stable. I like this one as he is kind of a grown up version of Mesmo, making use of his wings and eyes!

Wiztastic Mixels!


Wiztastic Mixels

The Nixel in this set comes with Magnifo. He’s as we’ve seen before. I do wish LEGO had designed more than three Nixel faces.

Wiztastic Mixels

These guys benefit from a great colour choice, as they really do stand out. Build wise there is little that we have not seen before, although there are some pieces in these not used before. Once again we see some great eye choices using hats, as well as the really useful ball joint pieces throughout all these models.

Once again LEGO have produced a great little pocket money set that children (and adults) will enjoy.

Rating: 7/10

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