Review: Minecraft – The Village (Set 21105)

Minecraft village review

The set: Minecraft – the Village (Set 21105 )

The price: £29.99

Bricks in the box: 466  (6p a piece)

Age: 10+

Time to build: 60-90 minutes

What’s in the box:

Minecraft village review

The box is a cool cube, containing two instruction manuals, and four bags.


Minecraft village review

The first instruction manual has some information about Minecraft, and some adverts other Microworlds.

Minecraft village review

The second instruction manual has the brick listing on the last page.

Issues with instructions:

There are a couple of issues within these instruction manuals that it’s worth knowing about so you don’t get too confused.

Book 1:
Page 25, step 2 – you actually need 15 of the dark green pieces – check the picture as it’s correct.

Book 2:
Page 12, step 2
– again you need 15 of the dark green pieces.
Page 16, step 7 – I didn’t have all the right pieces in the right shade of cream for the house section
Page 23, step 11 – again I had the wrong colour pieces in my set

The build:

Minecraft village review

The little pieces make this build a little fiddly, but there are some nice features that make this a fun build. It follows the same principles of the first Minecraft set, with four cube elements that fit together using pegs. This means you can mix and match them with the other sets.

So, first up to build is the flat lands that kind of reminds me of a vegetable patch. This cube has an exploding wall piece so you can traumatise your villagers! It also has a small exploding wall panel.

Minecraft village review

Minecraft village review

The second cube to build is a little house kind of thing with little windows.

Minecraft village review

Minecraft village review

Moving to instruction book two, we get to build another house (hence this is the village!). This one is a different shape. Again, it has cute little windows.

Minecraft village review

Minecraft village review

The final cube is probably the most awesome – it’s a mini mountain! How cute!

Minecraft village review

Minecraft village review


You get three micro-figures with this set, although you get enough faces to double up if you have your own set of bricks hanging around. Let’s take a look at them!

Minecraft village review

Minecraft village review

Minecraft village review

Because everyone needs a cute little micro-pig in their LEGO world!

Minecraft village review


Minecraft village review

In all, this is a great little set, although I do prefer ‘The Forest’ out of the two Minecraft sets I have. You get a nice number of small bricks that are excellent if you like to build on a Micro scale. The sets fit together nicely, and a couple of worlds conjoined would make a great set for any fan of Minecraft, LEGO fan or otherwise!

Rating: 7/10

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