Small set Saturday: Emerald Express (Set 31015)

I’m off at yet another wedding this weekend, so this is a quick review of the teeny tiny train that could.


The set: Emerald Express (Set 31015)

The price: £4.99 (0.9p a brick)

Bricks in the box: 56

Time to build: 10 minutes

Age: 6-12

Instruction manual:

Creator train instruction

The instruction manual on this covers all three parts of the train. I found it a little odd to have other product advertising on the cover of the manual though.

The train:

I LOVE this train! It’s old school, and beautiful. There is also a lot of detail in this for such a small set. I love the emerald colour scheme too. Adds perfect character to the train. The build is quick and simple and kids will find it easy enough to put together.



The second build of this 3 in 1 set is a carriage. I would recommend making sure you buy at least two of these sets (if not three, so you can make the last part of the set) so you can have a full train. If you can buy more, you can link them all together.


Overall: This is a great little set, and if you have anyone who likes trains, this one is for them. Buy a few and link them all together. I think this could look great on a winter set up, or perhaps on a track around the Christmas tree.

Rating: 9/10

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