Review: Minecraft (Set 21102)

Minecraft review

The set: Minecraft (Set 21102)

The price: £34.99

Bricks in the box:  480 (7p a piece)

Age: 10+

Time to build: 60-90 minutes

What’s in the box:

The box is a really cool cube, themed like a grass brick from Minecraft, containing two instruction manuals, and four bags, including a brick separator.

Minecraft review

Minecraft review


The set comes with two instruction manuals, each one dealing with two of the four sections. The manuals are the same bright green as the box.

The first manual has a little introduction to Minecraft, and a little bit about the CUUSOO project. The second has the bricks listing.

Minecraft review

Minecraft review

The build:

This build is one that I really enjoyed. It’s quite fiddly to put together, all being small pieces, but the effect is perfect for a Minecraft world!

There’s the crazy flowing lava section…

Minecraft review

The what I think is a house section…

Minecraft review

A rather pixelated tree…

Minecraft review

Another tree! This time with a lovely flowing river (love the transparent studs!)

Minecraft review

The top layer of each section is removable, so you can change the set up around really easily. You build the base and the top independently.

The lower sections are mostly grey, with the occasional addition of a river, some lava or some gold.

Minecraft review

Minecraft review

Each section has a technic peg piece so you attach the pieces together. There are peg holes on three sides of each section so you can swap the set up about. If you get the other Minecraft sets, or even multiples of this one, you will be able to make some great worlds.

Minecraft review


I didn’t count, but you get a nice little pile of spares with this set.

Minecraft review


You get two mico-figures with this set. These guys are maybe two 1×1 bricks high, tops. Teeny tiny. But totally adorable!

You get Steve in this set? (I think his name is Steve right?)

Minecraft review

Minecraft review

You also get a creeper. With which to haunt Steve’s happy little pixelated life.

Minecraft review

Minecraft review


Minecraft review

I am pleased with this set, although I do feel that it is somewhat overpriced for what you end up with. It’s £5 more than the later Minecraft sets and I am not sure how that is justified. That said, despite the small size, there is a lot of playability here, what with the options to change the set up and expand using the other Minecraft sets. You also get a lot of small tiles, so if you like making micro-builds, then this is a great way to boost your collection of small parts.

This is not one for the kiddies really, and the 10+ rating seems fair, as it is quite fiddly to put together. It’s great for the Minecraft fan in your life though, so do check it out.

Rating: 7/10

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