Review: Creator Bike Shop and Cafe Part 2 (Set 31026)

LEGO Auto-repair shop
Busy town street

This review is of build number 2 – the auto repair shop. For all the details of this set, and a look at the minifigures, check out my review of the main build.

Dismantling and sorting:

When I dismantled the first build I didn’t think to separate all the bits back out, so when I came to build this, I had a bag full of bits. It was late at night, and I didn’t feel like sorting them out, so I didn’t. Warning: if you don’t sort it, it will take you longer! However, there was something fun in rummaging in the hope of finding that last 1×1 tile you need to finish it off.


Creator manual

This build has a single instruction manual of 76 pages and 63 steps, plus the car.

When I was building this, I noticed an issue, but now I can’t find it, so it may have just been me being half asleep! If you have built this and notice something, leave a comment so I don’t think I’m completely crazy!

The build:

This build was classified as the ‘medium build’ of the set.

It’s a single shop building, featuring an auto-repair shop.

The building would work well on a street corner, as it has a nice angled front panel. This was quite simple to put together, although is a little fragile.

LEGO auto-repair shop front

As the build is an auto-repair shop, it had to have somewhere to park the car. This is a big empty part of the build, with two long flat tiles to represent the parking spot. There’s some nice detail on the front though with the pillars and the mechanics sign.

Side of LEGO auto-repair shop

Unlike the buildings in the ‘advance build’ there is no latch to catch this build shut. This seems a little bit of an oversight, as it means the building is prone to opening during movement.

Opening side of LEGO auto-repair shop

The back of the property features a small balcony, and a front door with a letterbox. You can also see into the repair shop.

Rear of LEGO auto-repair shop

The building opens and closes using fairly stable 1×2 hinged bricks. This side also makes nice use of the indented 1×2 white brick.

Hinged side of LEGO auto-repair shop
The details:

This build has a nice couple of features, but as with many LEGO buildings, is lacking in the amount of furniture it has.

This set includes (what I presume) are some repair tools, in the bottom room, as well as a till point. The rooms above it (the shops office?) have a coffee maker, a computer and a lamp.

inside of LEGO auto-repair shop

The car:

The car in this build is quite a cool tow truck. I feel it could also have done with a hook on the back to represent the ability to tow, but there you go.

Auto-repair car (rear)

The lights over the top have a tendency to fall off, as does the front (although looking at it at this angle, I think I built it wrong…) It won’t stand up to a lot of handling by any kids.

Auto-repair car (side)


This was a  straightforward build that look 2-3  hours during a Netflix marathon. It’s a nice piece to include in any LEGO town you want to build. I tried to build another model out of the remaining pieces, but there was only really enough bricks left for half a building. It’s probably most appropriate for 11-12 years and up as there are some fiddly bits like getting the lamp in place (although smaller hands may find this easier!) and adding the corner window panel.

Rating: 7/10

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