Review: Mixels Fang Gang (Sets 41512/41513/41514)

Fang Gang FIGHT!

The sets:

Fang Gang Chomly (41512)

Fang Gang Gobba (41513)

Fang Gang Jawg (41514)

The price: £2.99 a bag

Bricks in the bag:

Chomly: 68 (0.04p per brick)

Gobba: 57 (0.05p per brick)

Jawg: 61 (0.05p per brick)

Time to build: 5-10 minutes each; maybe a little more for younger builders. 15 minutes or so for the Max (instructions for this Max can be found over on LEGO.)

Age: 6+

What’s in the bag:

Each bag contains a bag of parts, and an instruction manual folded in half. The manuals match the cover packaging.

Fang Gang Manuals

Fang Gang Manuals

Fang Gang Manuals


From LEGO. com

“Keep your hands and feet away from the jaws of CHOMLY, because this lazy, trash-compacting Mixel will try to crunch just about anything. … [T]his close-talking Mixel has very bad breath. … that … comes in very handy for repelling Nixels!”

Fang Gang: Chomly

Chomly is a pretty cute little dude, and probably the most stable build of the Fang Gangs. His hands are not particularly pose-able, but they are a nice change from the other Mixels. His legs are ball jointed and very similar to others we have seen throughout the Mixel sets. He also looks worried all the time which adds to his character quite nicely.

Fang Gang: Chomly



“The Fang Gang … use GOBBA’s amazingly sensitive tongue to seek out the best food on their homeland and avoid the things that are less tasty. Some say GOBBA can even taste feelings – sadness is very salty!”

Fang Gang: Gobba

Gobba is probably the weirdest Mixel build out of this set. He’s really stubby and short and is missing much of the ability to pose him that makes Mixels fun. He does look fun, but that’s about it. His legs just constantly fell off, attached as they are on a single technic beam, and the fun just wasn’t there for me.

Fang Gang: Gobba



“JAWG is a bit of an animal, and won’t hesitate to bite intruders with those incredibly huge, fang-like teeth. Beware of JAWG!”

Fang Gang: Jawg

Jawg is my favourite of the Fang Gang bunch. He’s like the adorable, fanged puppy your mum wouldn’t let you keep.

His teeth are excellent, with fangs held in my 1×1 hook pieces. I wish, wish, wish that the others had also had ‘fangs’ rather than the standard Mixel teeth. It would have made them that much more ‘fangy’!

The only let down on this fella is his feet, which are pretty dull (and prone to detatching).

Fang Gang: Jawg


Each set of Mixels can be combined to make a ‘max’ Mixel. As with the others, this Max doesn’t use all the pieces.

Fang Gang Max

This Max is another let down for me. I really dislike the builds for these guys. So much more could have been done to make them interesting.

This chap uses the same bar for legs as Gobba, and whereas Gobba is short and stubby so balances on it okay, the Max does not. Add in a tail, and he is constantly unbalancing.

Any pluses? His toes are pretty cute, and I like the build of his hands. Other than that, another Max disappointment.

Fang Gang Max in the wild


This set’s Nixel comes with Chomly, and is the same as from Series one.


Overall: I wasn’t expecting to like the Fang Gang. I mean, brown. How boring! But, the appeal has kind of crept up on me. This set is pretty cute, but they aren’t particularly interesting. I’ll probably re-build Jawg and keep him around but its into the bits box for the others.

Rating: 6/10

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