Review: Mixel Frosticons (41509/41510/41511)

The sets:

Frosticons Slumbo (41509)

Frosticons Lunk (41510)

Frosticon Flurr (41511)

The price: £2.99 a bag

Bricks in the bag:

Slumbo: 61 pieces (0.05p a brick)

Lunk: 51 pieces (0.6p a brick)

Flurr: 46 pieces (0.07p a brick)

Time to build: 5-10 minutes each; maybe a little more for younger builders. 15 minutes or so for the Max (instructions for this Max can be found over on LEGO.)

Age: 6+

What’s in the bag:

Each bag contains a bag of parts, and an instruction manual folded in half. The manuals match the cover packaging.






“SLUMBO is the sleepiest and dreamiest of the Frosticons[.]”


Slumbo is a pretty neat Mixel, with the eye heads and Benny space helmets for eyelids. His colours are bright blues, as are all the Frostincon Mixels. Ball joints are used for the legs, which make him nice and pose-able. His arms are hinged and provide a reasonable amount of flexibility. He’s made up of the most pieces from this set of Mixels, and getting a couple would be a great investment for pieces (particularly those ball joints and the helmet!)

Mixel Slumbo
Cooling off in the heat



“The unbelievably slow LUNK makes other members of the permanently chilled-out Frosticon tribe seem positively energetic…. And one sneeze from LUNK can instantly freeze a Nixel in an ice cube!”


Meet Lunk, the ice snot (and not the stud variety) sneezing Frosticon. I think this guy looks pretty cute, but he’s not very flexible with the short arms and legs. He also suffers somewhat from his long neck, which consistently fell off the body whilst I was posing him. (Ironic as LEGO refer to him as “incredibly durable” because of his stubby body!) I’m also not keen on the unfinished nature of the inside of it. That said, it does let him have some cute facial expressions.

Mixel Lunk
Chilling off



“FLURR is the only tribe member who never seems sleepy and this curious creature likes to fly around to explore Frosticon lands.”


Flurr is my favourite Mixel from series two. He’s basically an ice breathing dragon and is adorable! He doesn’t have arms, but has some great wings (worth getting a couple of sets for). His legs are short and stubby which mean you can’t pose him too much, but his tail and head are well jointed to allow for some nice positions.

Mixel Flurr


Each set of Mixels can be combined to make a ‘max’ Mixel. As with the others, this Max doesn’t use all the pieces.

Maximus frosty

I was quite disappointed with this Max. He’s not particularly interesting in looks or build, and I quickly took him apart to rebuild into the three individual models.

Frosticons Max


This set’s Nixel comes with Slumbo, and is the same as from Series one.



Overall, this is my favourite set of Mixels to date. I love the colours, and think the designs are interesting and pretty fun quick builds. These guys are great pocket money toys and you get some great parts for the price. I would say that some of them are not so great for rough play though as bits do tend to fall off of the them quite easily.

Rating: 8/10

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