Small Set Saturday: Balloon Cart Promotional (set 40108)

Balloon stand set

The set: Balloon Cart (set 40108)

The price: Free (promotional bag from LEGO store)

Bricks in the bag: 66 pieces

Time to build: 5-10 minutes

Age: 6+

What’s in the bag:


This set contains two mini-figures, the balloon seller and the little boy. It also has the balloon cart and four balloons.

Balloon man to the rescue

Happy with a balloon

Overall: This is a wonderful promotional set, to go alongside the fairground mixer set that just came out (although I got mine buying the bike shop). For it’s size, it’s incredibly detailed. I love the sellers outfit, and the way the canisters and balloons are put together are a great bit of LEGO design. It’s a perfect little set, that will cheer anyone up. If you can, get one whilst they are available!

Rating: 5/5

Up, up, and away

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