Review: Mixel Flexers

Flexers pile up

The sets:

Flexer Kraw (41515)

Flexer Tentro (41516)

Flexer Balk (41517)

The price: £2.99 a bag

Bricks in the bag:

Kraw: 70 pieces (0.04p a brick)

Tentro: 69 pieces (0.04p a brick)

Balk: 68 pieces (0.04p a brick)

Time to build: 5-10 minutes each; maybe a little more for younger builders. 15 minutes or so for the Max (instructions for this Max can be found over on LEGO.)

Age: 6+

What’s in the bag:

Each bag contains a bag of parts, and an instruction manual folded in half. The manuals match the cover packaging.






Kraw claims to be one smart cookie and is the leader of the Flexers gang, which (apparently, according the LEGO at least) live in the rubberlands.

From a build perspective though, Kraw is  fairly basic, without anything particularly exciting to mark the model. His eyeball moustache gives him great character though. One complaint with this model is that the legs are not as moveable as most of the Mixels, making it hard to pose him on objects quite as well as the others.

Flexers Kraw



Tentro is the under-confident Flexer of the bunch, or so says it’s LEGO description. Apparently he’s also super elasticated and super strong thanks to his four legs.

In terms of build, we have the lovely ball joints for his four legs, which make him brilliantly pose-able in all sorts of locations. His head sits on a very small body compared to other Mixels, and has a tendency to fall off as a result. I also feel he looks a little unfinished as he has studs over his teeth rather than a flat plate. It also kind of looks like he has a traffic cone on his head!

Flexers Tentro



Balk is  ‘hammer-headed’ and ‘forgetful’ according to his LEGO blurb. He  is also great at defending against the Nixels. The Nixel in this set comes with Balk.

Brick and build wise, Balk has three legs, with stepped and ball joints. He’s a little odd in that he has three legs – must be hard to walk with that, adding to his slow reputation! His eyes are a cool mixture of eyeball printed minifgure heads with orange baseball caps. This is probably my favourite feature of the Flexer Mixels.

Flexers Balk

Flexers Max

The Max of the Flexers is kind of half scorpion/half lobster. He doesn’t use nearly all the pieces from the three mixels, which is a little disappointing. He takes some positioning to get his feet all on the ground. His tail is pretty cool though, and uses the stepped joints so he can be well posed.

Flexers Max in the outdoors


This Nixel is a repeat of one from series 1, which is a shame as it would have been cool if they had been different. The construction is simple, but very effective – showcasing how models can be made out of very few bricks.

Nixel from Flexers


The Flexers are another decent set of Mixels. LEGO have a winner with this pocket money purchase. They’re cute, easy to build and mostly pose-able. They are a great colour and have a variety of very useful parts. It’s well worth getting a few of each in terms of cost per brick. My only complaint would be that they tend to fall apart when knocked about, making it hard for kids to have some Mixel V Nixel battles without some serious Mixel injury.

Rating: 7/10

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