(Belated) Small Set Saturday: Iron Man vs. The Mandarin: Ultimate Showdown (Set 76008)

Set 76008 review

The set: Iron Man™ vs. The Mandarin™: Ultimate Showdown (76008)

The price: £11.99 (0.13p a brick)

Bricks in the box: 91

Time to build: 25-30 minutes

Age: 6 -12 years

What’s in the bag:  In the box is a bag of big bits, a bag of little bits, with the flex hose piping loose in the box. There’s also the instruction book, folded in half. The cover on this is the same as the front of the box.

The set contains: This set is tiny, and consists only of two mini-figures (the reason for buying this set!) and The Mandarin’s buggy.

The Minifigures:
This was probably the easiest way to get hold of an Iron Man figure, especially considering the cost of buying the bigger sets or a single figure off of eBay. Both figures are exclusive to this set and are very nicely detailed, as you can see below.

Iron Man
Iron Man comes with a fabulous helmet, that you can open to see the two faces of Tony Stark. He also has some great printing, although the colours are a little blurry on my figure.

Mr Stark
Iron Man (mask down)
Iron Man 1
Iron Man (scowling)
Iron Man 2
Iron Man (Relaxed face)


The Mandarin
The Mandarin is a well detailed figure, although sadly the beard hides most of the printing on the body and face.

The Mandarin (with beard)
With beard
The Mandarin (Face 1)
Face 1
The Mandarin (Face 2)
Face 2


The Buggy
The buggy is okay, but I’m probably just going to dismantle it for parts. It’s a nice build though; it’s also fairly robust, although I did keep knocking off the gun when I was setting it up. It should hold up to some reasonable play though.
The Mandarin

Battle 1


This isn’t a huge set, and it’s pretty pricey for what you get. However both mini-figures are nicely detailed, and give a nice element of play to any Iron Man fan. It’s not quite what you would imagine from an ‘ultimate showdown’, but with the other Marvel sets, it would be a good addition. This set’s on sale in several places these days so you might get one cheap if you look around, making it more worthwhile to pick it up.

Rating: 3.5/5

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