The LEGO House competition build

So yesterday it was mentioned to me that there was a little competition over on New Elementary about building a small museum design for LEGO (who happen to be building one in Denmark right now.)

I wasn’t going to enter. Then I was going to jokingly enter a single brick as a ‘design’. And then I started building.

This is the first time I have tried to do something like this, and whilst it doesn’t compare to some of the designs already submitted, I am pretty proud of it.

It came out at 104 pieces, and I had to cannibalise my Mine craft world, the imperial shuttle from this weeks newspaper freebie, and a few of those LEGO model display stands to do it.

I wanted something simple, and reflecting LEGO’s traditional rectangular/square shapes. I chose yellow as the front (and originally a lot more of the design), as that is a ‘LEGO’ colour to me (although my other half said it should be red instead!)

There is a courtyard for some outdoor LEGO play, large chambers of windows and open space so you can have open space indoors, (important for those cold Danish winters) and so you can see through the buildings into the courtyard and across to the other side. There are little minecraft trees for some landscaping, and long outdoor entry ways into the museum itself.

MOC for LEGO House competition

MOC for LEGO House competition

MOC for LEGO House competition

So yes, simple, but I am pretty happy with it. Might have to build some more micro-scale buildings now!

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