Small Set Saturday: LEGO Castle Set 70400

Forest Ambush review

The set: Forest Ambush (Set 70400)

The price: £7.99 on LEGO, £6.99 on Amazon

Bricks in the box: 90 (At RRP, 0.13p a piece)

Time to build: 20 minutes to half hour maximum, depending on age

Age:  5-12 years

What’s in the box: In the box you get two bags of bits and an instruction manual.
Just me and my dog

The set contains:

  • 4 minifigures (2 kings knights and 2 Dragon soldiers), each with helmets, a couple of shields and weapons. The face detail on 3 of the knights is wonderful, with a couple of two-faced heads too!
  • a dog
  • a well designed forest base with weaponry and falling apple tree – great for an ambush to be staged
  • a cart with treasure chest. The cart is simple, yet also a great addition to this small set. The wheels turn and the treasure chest is full of gold and jewels!

Mwah ha ha! I am an evil soldier
Overall: This is a nice pocket money set, which with four minifigures, is well worth it. I would guess that a lot of people will buy this for the knights and soldiers, with the set details being additional extras. That’s said, it’s a great little set on it’s own and you can easily set up some little scenes with it.

5/5 for great value and good playability.

Let the battle commence:


Victory for the Dragon Soldiers:

A gory victory

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